2020 Hiring and Compensation Trends for Accounting Firms

The fierce competition for high accounting talent we’ve been seeing isn’t expected to dissipate anytime presently. currently, quite ever, it’s crucial for public accounting leaders to stay a finger on the heartbeat of the used market to confirm they will attract new star players to their companies — and keep those they have already got in situ.

To help you retain on high of things, here square measure 5 hiring and compensation trends from the 2020 Henry Martyn Robert [*fr1] regular payment Guide for Accounting and Finance Professionals (

1. The hiring heat is on — particularly for CPAs.
The demand for trained accounting professionals of all levels can still surmount provide in 2020. As in past years, CPAs square measure hot commodities and can be particularly troublesome to find.

Employers square measure recognizing that dragging out the accomplishment method is one of the largest hiring mistakes ( they will make: several employees square measure fun multiple offers and can march on if companies don’t act quickly.

Many corporations also are adopting additional versatile hiring practices. They’re now not anticipating the proper candidate, as an example. Instead, they're hiring professionals United Nations agency might not have 100% of their most well-liked skills however United Nations agency can be fairly simply said to hurry with on-the-job coaching.

2. Retention is as necessary as recruiting.
Losing the bequest data and valuable connections of old workers hits wherever it hurts, therefore accounting leaders square measure ramping up their efforts to retain valuable employees.

In addition to reevaluating salaries, employers square measure increasing the extras they provide, particularly those who drive work-life balance. common perks embrace free parking, on-site service, athletic facility memberships, and suppleness within the sort of teleworking and compressed workweeks. (See additional at

Cash retention and performance bonuses additionally go a protracted method. As such, forty-third of organizations conceive to increase the dollar price of incentives, and forty-first will up the frequency with that they’re offered.

3. regular payment stakes square measure high.
Accounting aces apprehend what they value lately. lxxiii % of respondents in an exceedingly Henry Martyn Robert [*fr1] survey say they’ve compared their regular payment to promote rates within the past year, and forty-sixth feels underpaid.

If you can’t meet a candidate’s regular payment expectations, rest assured another leader will and can. however don’t hit the push nevertheless — several accounting professionals can take a smaller payroll check in exchange for alternative valuable resources, like mentoring, compensation for tuition or certification fees, and skilled development and career advancement opportunities. Leverage these incentives, beside sign language bonuses, throughout regular payment negotiations.

4. Digital disruption is reworking talent sets.
Accounting companies square measure taking advantage of the will increase in productivity and long price savings afforded by transformative technologies. to create the foremost of those enhancements, employers currently look on the far side ancient accounting skills to search out candidates knowledgeable about in knowledge analytics, cloud-based computing and connected tools.

Automation and computer science (AI) also are absorbing memorization accounting tasks like knowledge entry, shifting the main focus of accounting professionals to additional strategic duties. This transition would force workers with outstanding soft skills, notably communication and collaboration.

5. Company culture could be a make-or-break issue. Today’s workers place stock in whether or not a possible employer’s structure culture aligns with their personal values and goals. In fact, thirty-fifth of employees polled by Henry Martyn Robert [*fr1] aforesaid they might pass away from employment provide if the corporate culture wasn’t an honest match, even though the task were otherwise good. If you are feeling your structure culture is a lovely one, communicate this to job candidates and reinforce what makes your company an excellent place to figure out with existing employees through your company website, social media, onboarding, and government electronic messaging. If you’re unsure how engaging your company culture is, take a touch from what operating professionals aforesaid in an exceedingly Henry Martyn Robert [*fr1] survey for our report, structure Culture: The Make-or-Break think about Hiring and Retention ( They reportable that a number of the characteristics they appear to embrace whether or not an organization includes a cooperative work atmosphere, stress on serving workers maintain work-life balance, and a flat structure that involves them in key decision-making processes.

Your organization is merely nearly as good because the analysts and auditors of the United Nations agency work there. To thrive in today’s competitive hiring market, public accounting leaders should keep a relentless watch on ever-changing employment trends. Prepare today!

Paul McDonald is a senior administrator at Henry Martyn Robert [*fr1], the world’s initial and largest specialized staffing firm. He writes and speaks often on hiring, geographical point, and career-management topics. Over the course of thirty-five years within the recruiting field, McDonald's has suggested thousands of company leaders and job seekers on the way to rent and acquire employment.


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