8 Free CPA CPE Online Courses from CPE Link!

I am glad and thankful for CPE Link’s generosity in offering eight free CPA CPE online courses for my readers. Here are the details.


If you haven’t heard of CPE Link, it is a reputable CPE provider with its courses endorsed by more than 10 society of CPAs across the US. I have a review of their offerings here on this page.

These free CPA CPE online courses focus on taxation, excel and QuickBooks — all practical skills that you can use to enhance your knowledge and productivity at work.

1. 2014-2015 IRA & Individual Retirement Federal Tax Update

This is a 3 credit-hour CPE course designed for CPAs, EAs and OTRPs. In this course, instructor Vern Hoven reviews the rules affecting traditional and Roth IRAs, and discusses the current Tax Codes, cases and rulings affecting IRA and individual retirement plans.

2. 2014-2015 C & S Corporate Federal Tax Update

This is a similar 3 credit-hour course focusing on corporate taxation. Specifically, Vern Hoven discuss how corporate inversions impact the tax preparer and which cases and rules affect corporate taxation. The course also helps identify tax issues and provisions impacting your clients’ or employer’s tax returns.

3. 1040 Line by Line: Income

This course offers 2 hours of free CPA CPE credits. Very practical for tax practitioner with comprehensive review of Form 1040 complexities.

4. Excel 101: Introduction to the Spreadsheet

This 2 credit-hour course covers the basics of excel and highlights useful tips, such as custom shortcuts, techniques for large spreadsheets, and advanced Excel 2013 features.

5. Excel Speed Tips

Another practical and interesting course covering dozens of overlooked features in Excel, improving your efficiency and productivity.

6. QuickBooks 101

This is a 2 credit-hour course introducing QuickBooks, such as adding new customers, accounts, inventory items, as well as basic transactions such as journal entries, checks and invoices.

7. QuickBooks Speed Tips

Learn how to use templates to streamline Quick Books data entry screens and learn time saving keyboard shortcuts.

8. Corporate Fraud

This 1 credit-hour course gives an overview of fraud that companies face. It includes a discussion regarding the role of organized crime and money laundering in fraud schemes.


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