9 Ways to Defeat CPA USA Exam Stress

  • 2019-12-26
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9 Ways to Defeat CPA USA Exam Stress

If you feel like studying for and taking the CPA USA Exam ranks up there as one of the single most stressful times for you, you are certainly right. Studies show that people who are self-compassionate are happier, more optimistic, and less anxious and depressed.  Welcome to the life of a CPA USA candidate.

Here's a recap of nine best proven strategies for defeating stress with the hope of making the road to CPA a little easier.

#1 Have self-compassion
Look at your mistakes or failures with kindness and understanding — without harsh criticism or defensiveness.

#2 Remember the "Big Picture"
Link one, often small action to a greater meaning or purpose.

#3 Rely on routines
Reduce the number of decisions you need to make by using routines for better results Simple routines can dramatically reduce your experience of stress.

#4 Take five (or ten) minutes to do something you find interesting
Taking a break can replenish your energy. Interest doesn’t just keep you going despite fatigue, it replenishes your efficiency and concentration.

#5 Add where and when to your to-do list
Planning in advance when and where you will complete a task can double your chances of actually doing it. And what better way is there to cut down on your stress than crossing things off your to-do list?

#6 Use if-then for positive self-talk
If-then plans can help us control our emotional responses to situations in which we feel fear, sadness, fatigue, self-doubt, or even disgust.

#7 See your work in terms of progress, not perfection
Develop a "Get-Better" mindset with a concern with making progress. Focus on developing your ability and learning new skills. There is a difference between wanting to show that you are smart versus wanting to get smarter.

#8 Think about the progress that you've already made
"Small wins" can keep us going through, particularly in the face of stressors. It can be very helpful to take a moment and reflect on what you’ve accomplished so far before turning your attention to the challenges that remain ahead.

#9 Know whether optimism or defensive pessimism works for you
Understanding promotion and prevention motivation helps us understand why people can work so differently to reach the same goal.

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