Alternative Career Paths for CPAs.

Have you ever heard about many career paths for CPAs?

Accounting students naturally want to be hired in one of the top accounting firms. Starting out as an entry-level auditor at one of the good public accounting firms will boost your career. 

However, after a few years, you will face difficulty in getting a promotion to the next level. 

Don't bother. This article helps you to explore your opportunities in five alternative CPA career paths.

Corporate Banking:

You've seen the accountants and the corporate bankers have different personalities. Sometimes, the Accountants are reserved, whereas corporate bankers are always ongoing personalities. 

As an accountant, if you develop the technical skills at a public accounting firm will be an advantage in the banking industry. Corporate bankers must evaluate the credit quality of prospective borrowers. This evaluation needs a strong evaluation of general market conditions and financial statements; then it makes sense to extend credit to that borrower.

Buy-Side Financial Analyst:

Although investment management is highly competitive, the experience in public accounting can give an edge over the candidate without a background of accounting. 

As a buy-side financial analyst, your accounting skills and financial analysis are very crucial in anticipating the financial statements. If you have good experience in public accounting, then you can be an upper-hand than the candidates who haven't worked in public accounting. 

Federal Bureau of Investigation:

As we know, the Federal Bureau of Investigation needs to compile the evidence to prosecute criminals. It involves proper auditing and analysis of business financial records. 

With a background in public accounting, a CPA has the perfect skill set to tackle the role of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Besides, you also have the opportunity to experience pride in making a work product. If you want to acquire a role in the FBI, be prepared for a lengthy application process and must have the patience to go through the process of screening.

Corporate Accounting / Finance:

After a good experience in public accounting, now you might have been searching for a new role which has less stress. It is the right time for you to explore your opportunities in the Corporate accounting/finance department.  

The person who has good experience in public accounting can make the financial transition easily. The best way to make a move in corporate accounting is to get a sense of which accounting firms are growing. 

Financial Planning:

The financial planning associates with investments and tax planning plays a vital role in selecting the right investments. If you are ready to enjoy the challenging roles in financial planning, then you've to learn how to build the client-based market services. 

Final Words:

It's your choice to make a career change decision. By holding CPA certification, you've many promising career paths to select. I hope this article is helpful to understand the alternative career paths for CPAs. Still, have questions? Leave a comment below.

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