Best US CMA coaching in Pune

  • 2019-09-13
  • In CPA USA
Best US CMA coaching in Pune
Simandhar is the best coaching for US CMA .We are having Offline and Online both. Here we have to understand the main thing is Training and placement also. placement play a very important role in this. At the end, of course, everyone’s AIM is to get the job. Here Simandhar Education plays a very important role. CMA’s or Management Accountants serves as a decision support system to the management and basic principles of decision making remains same no matter whichever part of the world you are working out of. The fundamentals of basic variance analysis or capital budgeting wouldn't change based on my geographical location. Hence the employ ability of a CMA is not restricted because of the same. Further more most of the MNC’s in India are US Corporations with their finance team working out of Indian locations. Hence that makes a US CMA more employable. For example in Philips being a CMA is very crucial to ones’s career progression, so much so that they hire Indian CA’S and undergraduates and sponsor them for CMA at company’s expense. Companies like WIPRO and Northern Trust are known to do extensive hiring for CMA’S. Here are the few of the many companies which hireUS CMA’S:-Accenture-JPMorganChase-Philips-American express-Tata power-Qualcomm-World Bank group-Northern Trust-Genpact-Capgemini-Synchrony-Caterpillar-Flextronics-MetLifeAnd the list goes on


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