Challenges for CPAs at Corona Pandemic Time.

With the pandemic coronavirus, the economy gets reeling, and the accountants find themselves having difficulty in creating a new normal for the clients. At this uncertain time, CPA firms are not only helping the clients but also practising themselves to stay viable. The importance of remaining silent and open-minded helps a lot for the clients in creating new opportunities.

Tax authorities and tax issues are guiding Certified Public Accountants in the firm. Those issues can also update the state, federal, and local tax regarding property tax, payroll tax, and real estate. All the levels of government have different modification levels that CPAs need to monitor the clients they support.

Urgent needs from small businesses:

The Coronavirus crisis has created urgent requirements from all the small businesses. At this moment, the biggest challenge for the CPAs is the urgency of helping the clients in small business for getting access to the relief programs and Paycheck protection programs in the middle of tax season. It requires the firms to pivot as the advisors to help the businesses and make through the shutdown. Some of the things like financing option review and flow forecasting help the company to go online for the firms right now. The next process will be supporting the relief loans, auditing, and interpreting more relief packages.

Thrust into Work from Home:

While most of the firms were exploring remote work, the firms adopted new ways of working from home with new tools like Skype, Zoom, and Google Hangouts.

Moving to the Cloud:

Nowadays, most of the firms are reporting challenges with visual communications like Zoom. It leads to moving more systems to the cloud. If this uncertainty continues, the client accounting services will excel.

Interaction with Clients:

CPAs need to interact with the clients and swift the action to save mainstream businesses. They have tools for creating new opportunities to help them in surviving short-term challenges. CPAs are referred to as engines in thrusting their clients and help them to get their needs met.


As it is the hardest time of the year for the accountants besides COVID-19 added new challenges to them, which made the tax season more complicated for the clients. Also, most of the employees work remotely, but they do not do seamlessly. Right now, the accountants can’t meet face to face interactions with their clients. The accountants should help the clients in figuring out the new obligations of CARES act, and it was promulgated for further complicating things. Any Questions? Don't hesitate to comment below.

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