CPA coaching in Hyderabad

  • 2019-08-29
  • In CPA USA
CPA coaching in Hyderabad

Student Feed Back


I completed my CPA USA recently and i almost got referred to 5–6 companies in India through Simandhar Education, Simandhar is driving the US CPA program very nicely.. i have also seen them tying up with companies which are sponsoring CPA USA program that itself shows that the course have a wider scope among MNCs, Following are the companies where i was referred by Simandhar Education and the job locations were Delhi, Bangalore and Hyderabad

  1. Wells Fargo- Hyderabad & Bangalore
  2. Cognizant- Chennai
  3. Accenture- Channai
  4. Capgemini- Bangalore
  5. Infosys- Bangalore
  6. American Express- Delhi- ( I finally managed to cracked it :-)

I would suggest that the course have lot of scope and right institute is very important in mentoring and grooming, you can also visit them by clicking here


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