CPA EXAM: Assess your Strengths and Weaknesses.

To prepare wholeheartedly for the CPA exam, candidates must assess their strengths and weaknesses with extreme honesty. They must consider their physical, mental, and technical preparedness.

Let’s see how you can assess all the three areas, beginning with your physical well-being.

Physical Well-Being:

Give yourself time to think about the physical attributes that can be improved during the study process and are within your control. You are not recommended to use contact lenses during the study process and exam. Long hours of study at a stretch can cause your eyes to become dry, and you might want to rub them, creating a possibility for infection. Get yourself new glasses before the exam, and practice wearing them while studying.

Staring at a computer screen for the duration of the exam will make your eyes dry. You are not allowed to bring your eye drops into the testing room. You will be asked to leave such items in a locker located outside the testing room in the Prometric center, and you can only have access to them during breaks. Make your doctor appointments way before you begin the CPA journey. Avoid indulging in too many chips, cookies, and ice cream while preparing. Overeating can make you drowsy. Switch to eating assorted fresh vegetables and fruits instead and make sure you drink eight to ten glasses of water every day.

You will certainly benefit from your actions.

Mental Well-Being:

Try to resolve any situations in life that could distract you, well before you begin the study process. If you feel you cannot devote all your mental energy to the exam preparation, wait until some of these issues have been resolved. Sometimes it is a wise idea to delay the exam. You must be equipped with total focus for proper preparation but also keep in mind the eighteen-month limitation i.e. you must successfully complete all sections within eighteen months of the day you sat for the first section that you passed.

If you are a parent, child care is often a concern. It is almost impossible to study while children need your care and attention. Asking a family member or a trusted friend for help will meet the demands of a lengthy and time-consuming study process.

The pressures of the CPA Exam will fuel any existing fires. Ignoring mental pressure, or believing that the stress will lift once you begin studying is very dangerous. Face the reality, admit your weaknesses and correct what you can.

Technical Preparedness:

Make sure that your technical abilities are finely polished because it is the most important element in passing the exam. Make an evaluation of your technical strengths and weaknesses individually by exam section, taking into account the possibility that the material of study might have changed. Evaluate how much you remember from when you took up the courses in college. Admit to yourself that if you can’t recall anything about the area, you must be weak in that particular area for the two following reasons:

  1. The longer the time between your college coursework and the CPA exam, the more you are likely to forget.
  2. The content must have probably changed greatly over time.

Begin working on your weak areas.


This article should help you assess your strengths and weaknesses before your CPA Exam. If you have any queries, feel free to comment in the section down below. Happy learning!

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