CPA Exam Process

  • 2019-05-01
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CPA Exam Process

Learn about the CPA Exam and process to become a licensed CPA

Determine your eligibility

  • Visit the Simandhar\'s Website for eligibility guidance.
  • Select a jurisdiction where you want to become licensed as a CPA and review its specific requirements.
  • If you’re an international candidate, consider using NASBA’s International Evaluation Services to determine if your are eligible to take the Exam.
    • Choose a jurisdiction that participates in international administration.
    • Some non-U.S. residents may be eligible to take the International Qualification Examination (IQEX)

Submit your application

  • Complete your application and submit the required documentation
  • Your application will be verified for eligibility.
  • You will receive a Notice to Schedule (NTS), which is valid for six months.

Schedule your Exam

  • Decide when you will take the Exam
  • Use your NTS information to schedule an Exam date with Pro metric.
  • You can take your Exam at any Pro metric test center where the Exam is offered
  • International candidates may not be eligible to test at all Pro metric locations outside of U.S. jurisdictions
  • International locations require an additional fee.

Prepare for your Exam

  • Study the Exam Blueprints and use all available Exam resources and study tools to prepare.
  • Learn the Exam’s format and functionality by practicing with the sample tests and accessing the tutorial topics found by selecting the “Help” button in each sample test.
  • Review the test let structure of each Exam section.
  • Use your NTS to get six months of free access to NASBA’s Professional Literature package.

Take your Exam

  • Pass all four Exam sections within 18 months (score a minimum of 75 on each section)
  • In most cases, the 18-month complete “clock” begins based on your attendance date when you pass the first Exam section, but check with your specific Board of Accountancy.
  • While you can take more than one Exam section per test window, you cannot take retake the same section in the same test window
  • Pass Ethics exam (only if required by your Board of Accountancy)

Apply for your license

  • Generally you must have 150 credit hours of education with a concentration in accounting. This includes:
    • 30 semester hours in accounting subjects, and 24 semester hours in business administration subjects
    • A minimum of 15 semester hours in accounting must be at upper division or graduate level
    • Must have a minimum of one year of experience (approximately 2,000 hours) verified by a licensed CPA.
    • Experience should include accounting, attest, auditing or tax

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