CPA Exam Self-Study vs Online vs Live Class: Which Is Better?

After you have sent in your CPA application and are now gearing up for the CPA exam, how exactly should you start your CPA Exam preparation?

With four exam parts covering a wide variety of topics, the Uniform CPA can be overwhelming. You have three choices :

  1. Self-study
  2. Online courses
  3. Live classes

But, which is the best way option that suits your unique learning style?

Which CPA Exam Preparation Method is Best for You?

1. Self-Study

If you are knowledgeable in financial accounting and audit procedures, and you are an extremely disciplined person, you can try the self-study route.

However, the CPA doesn’t just test your accounting knowledge. You’ll need to know how to deal with multiple-choice questions and be familiar with the simulation questions. You may feel that you don’t need a review course and that you learn better by working questions on your own. If you choose to dedicate your time to self-study, you still should purchase certain study materials and be highly disciplined.

If you aren’t sure whether you are good at both knowledge and tactics, you can test yourself by attempting sample CPA questions on free sites such as CPA Review For Free.

2. Online Courses

Do you believe you have the ability to prepare a study plan and stick to it? Be honest; if you procrastinate, you will benefit greatly from what a review course provides. Try a review for one section. If you think you benefited from it, then plan to take another course. If not, try the next section on your own.

Are you a visual learner? An online interactive review course might work for you. Like self-study, an online course puts the responsibility on the learner to stay on track. Online reviews are a good choice for busy people who frequently travel for their work, or for those who have kids and can’t leave home to attend a class. Be sure to preview the format before you enrol in an online course or any review course for that matter. Do not make hurried decisions. 

3. Live Classes

Live instruction can be the best method for you to help you review material that you have already learned and to also help you understand new material. Learning in a classroom setting was once very popular among CPA exam candidates, but it is becoming less and less common with the proliferation and success of online courses.


The above article is for you if you are confused about which route to take in your CPA Exam preparation strategy, whther you should opt for CPA self-study, or CPA online courses, or CPA live classes. If you have any queries, feel free to comment in the section below. Happy Learning!

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