How do I complete CPA (US) after completing CA from India?

Indian CA and US CPA are both professional qualifications. However, the qualities, structures and the durations differ completely, also please note there are no exemptions in any of the subjects as ICAI currently don't have MOU with AICPA, so you will need to write four sections in order to pass the CPA exam. 

The comparison between the Indian CA and US CPA is given below:

1. Duration: CPA takes on an average one year to complete, CA takes four years

2. Study pattern: CPA US is a single level exam comprising of four sections however CA comprises of three levels like CPT, IPCC and final

3. Subjects covered: CPA US has four exam sections while CA has 16 papers divided into groups mentioned above.

4. Articleship: 3 years of internship experience is a must for CA. However, for CPA, there is a requirement of one-year post qualification experience in order to obtain COP / License

5. Overall Pass Percentage: CPA US has an average of around 50% of pass percentage for all four sections while the result for CA is on an average 4–5%

6. Recognition: India CA is mostly recognized in India and the Middle East, while CPA US has job opportunities across the globe and not limited to the US.

7. Overseas opportunities: CPAs tend to have more overseas opportunities with companies in India than India. CAs as CPAs have an upper edge due to US GAAP content being tested in the CPA exam.

8. Members: ICAI on an average have 280000 members whereas AICPA has 450000 members in the world

9. Cost: CPA is costly( 4 lakhs INR ) as exams can be written only in US and Dubai, whereas CA exam( 2.5 lakhs including coaching and exams etc. for all three levels ) can be written in India and thus the cost is on the lower side


Hope that the above article is helpful to you in your CPA exam preparation. If you have any queries, feel free to comment in the section below. Happy Learning!

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