How I conquered FAR - CPA USA

  • 2019-03-19
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How I conquered FAR - CPA USA

Accounting has never been my favorite subject. So I was worried about this subject. Passing FAR( Tougher subject of CPA USA)  comes down to two things, determination and consistency. 

FAR ( CPA) is about the content. There is too much content to understand. You just have to set a study schedule and stick to it. I used Becker CPA review and found the lectures and skills practice to be very helpful. Sripal Sir and Suraj Sir are very knowledgeable and doubt sessions with them helped a lot in getting all my doubts cleared.

The biggest piece of advice that I can give you is to practice MCQ\\\'s in CPA as much as you can. This helps accomplish two things. First, you will get better at taking MCQs and feel more confident with how AICPA questions are worded. Second, you will get to learn new information (how questions on the same concept can be framed in different ways) and thinking through problems at the same time. I would recommend that you complete all of your study material at least 2-3 weeks before the FAR CPA  exam and review all the topics giving more time to topics you are weak on for 1-2 weeks leading up to your exam date and then take mock test in FAR

There will always be topics in some chapters that you might not fully understand, but that’s okay. If you can grasp 80% of each chapter, then you should move on to the next. Remember that getting a score of 90 or higher is kind of pointless. You aren’t going to get anything special if you do really well on the exam. You won’t get a raise or a better job offer simply because you did well on FAR. A passing score is a passing score plain and simple.

And remember if you study, YOU WILL PASS!

Best of luck -Vinay 


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