How Simandhar Education helped a student in meeting eligiblity Requirment for US CPA

#True_incident_regarding_CPAevaluation & efforts of a Teacher

Being Bcom graduate from India i choosed  state1 for #CPA application
I have been awarded 4.5 credits for economics, upper credits for cost a/c'ing, though state1 require 6 credits for economics i was ineligible for the state1. For shortage of 1.5 credits i need to opt for another degree costing 30k. Instead Sripal sir has done research & I applied for state2, considering my upper credits in state1 report.
Last week of Sept, In state2 report, cost a/c'ing was given lower credits & now not eligible for state2 as well.

It was clear that evaluator has done mistake but she wasn't ready to accept & asked me to send syllabus copy of my course. Later she reverted that cost a/c was given lower credits in state1 report as well.

It was injustice, sripal sir & me wasn't agree and doesn't want to give up, we have escalated to higher authorities being awake in late nyts following up over calls/mails.
Finally today, team has agreed for their error and revised my state2 report.

It wasn't possible without Sripal Jain (CA, CPA) sir, thanks for all the support during #Evaluationprocess

There is no other institute I had came across to fight with board for a student and win over it. I congratulate who all choosed Simandhar Education

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