How to Become US CMA in India and Why It’s a Good Idea?

A lot of Indians look for information regarding the CMA certification every year. In this article, we will discuss some facts about the CMA certification, the application procedure, and the tips for passing the exam. 


ICAI (previously known as ICWAI) members can apply for the US CMA membership at IMA if they possess a valid ICAI certificate. You can learn more about this by visiting the IMA’s website. 

The reverse of the agreement also holds true. Current US CMAs can obtain ICAI membership, so long as they completed the CMA program outside of India, supported by valid documents. This means that you must have physically taken the CMA exam at testing centres outside of India. 

Study of IMA Members from India

The IMA Global Salary Survey of 2018 has revealed that Indian IMA members make an average annual total salary of US$28.8K. The median figures are somewhat lower ($20.9K), which demonstrate that a few professionals earn even more and, in the process, bring up the mean figures. 

In comparison with members around the world, Indian IMA members work very hard, averaging 45.5 hours per week. That number ties with Jordan and comes in second only to the United States (46.3). Indian IMA members are also very highly educated. All of the 52 Indian respondents hold bachelor’s degrees, and 63% have advanced degrees.

We see even more interesting statistics by observing IMA members from Asia (mostly from China and, to a lesser extent, India). Among these members, 48% are CMAs (it’s likely the rest are pursuing the certification). The median age is 34, which ties with the Middle East for the youngest among all IMA members. A high majority have bachelor’s degrees (85%), and about a quarter have advanced degrees (26%).

How to Become a CMA in India

You can earn the US CMA certification right from India, and you don’t even have to travel or work abroad.

The exam prerequisites are simple: you just need a bachelor’s degree for an accredited college or university and two years of experience doing any relevant work, all of which you can get in any part of the world. You can learn more about the CMA exam requirements here.


Hope that the above article is helpful to you. This article is about how you can to become a US CMA in India and why it is a good idea. If you have any queries, feel free to comment in the section below. Happy Learning!

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