How to Pass CMA Exam Part 1

  • 2019-08-06
  • In CPA USA
How to Pass CMA Exam Part 1

There aren’t many things to memorize for CMA Exam Part 1, but you do need to have a clear grasp of the concepts and be able to distinguish the subtle differences between them.

As you answer CMA practice questions, you’ll see that some of them are very lengthy, but don’t get frustrated. Just take the time to complete the calculations. If you are running out of time, mark the long questions and work on the short ones first.

I suggest you read the questions slowly and get familiar with how the questions are presented. Once you’re used to the format and the type of calculations you must perform, your rate of accuracy with the questions will go up dramatically.

If you work on the practice questions, understand the underlying concepts, and rework the questions you got wrong, your chance of success will be very high. Best of luck on your exam!

More Help for the CMA Exam

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