Is US CPA worth while in India or Abroad

Going Abroad and settling down: Does it make you happy ??

When I talk to many students , they say there is no growth in India and they would like to go abroad, travel many countries,  earn a lot of money and that will make them really happy. Though we agree to the facts but one shall not forget even people in Canada, US or Singapore are really sad and are suffering, they do desperate acts by posting all good things on social media and the sad stories get hidden somewhere. There are a lot of examples which prove us that happiness doesn't have any geographical importance as people in US don’t like to be in US , but people outside US are desperate to go US.

 My appeal to the students would be to do things which make you joyful in the process  rather than thinking about future or earning huge money in short span of time. Moving  abroad has both pros and cons( For example I got offer from EY  California after passing CPA ,but due to family limitations I couldn't join)  but decisions need to be made on long term and the one’s which make you ultimately happy. We have many Foreign companies coming  to India now, that shows there is a lot to offer in Indian markets and the growth is Massive  for right talent always !!!

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