Study plan for CPA USA and CMA USA

  • 2019-12-26
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Study plan for CPA USA and CMA USA

Study plan is an important part of one's preparation be it CA, CPA USA, CMA USA, ACCA or CFA course.

I come across many students who ask me how many hours per day they need to study for professional courses? A lot of these students are in corporates or doing their articleship. Working full time or being engaged in articleship while one is pursuing professional courses, how can one manage time or do they need to study for 8-10 hours per day ???

My answer to these questions has always been to set short term goals, study 30 mins per day and to slowly but gradually increase the duration of the study time. The rationale behind setting short terms goals is when your studying for a professional course, you are actually challenging your own mind which probably has not been accustomed to discipline and to a schedule. So making short term goals rather than forcing yourself to study something which you haven't studied since long is an effective methodology. According to me Quality is more important than quantity.

Education is more of mind management than learning , you actually learn yourself in the process of studying a course.


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