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In accounting, 
your career should go in many extraordinary directions, but maximum of your picks will fall underneath tax or audit. So which tune is right for you? It really is all approximately the proper fit – which one better accommodates your life-style and profession goals? 
What’s going to make you happy? 
While tax and audit can functionally be very distinctive from each other, there are some common values you want to take into consideration. We requested two Becker experts to weigh in, and here’s what they recommend.


Test the waters 
Get internships in each tax and audit. There’s nothing incorrect with that, and there’s no better manner to scope out these careers than absolutely being in them. Try a smaller corporation and a larger company. Look at the existence on each sides: how tons are humans traveling? Are they on area with clients or in a centralized office? Talk to as many personnel as you could to get a real-experience for working in that enterprise. 

What do you want out of a career and life? 


Do you need to be the street warrior who gets to journey to extraordinary towns and constantly meet new human beings, or are you more cushty being in a local firm with colleagues who are greater like family to you? Are you seeking to begin a circle of relatives in the future and will want more bendy work hours? While yes, it’s critical to soak within the professional experience, take cautious observe of the humans side of the industry as well. 


What if I make the incorrect choice? 
It’s called a studying experience – you examine from it and you flow on to some thing better. You are not tied down to simplest working in tax or best running in audit your complete career. In fact, it’s uncommon now to paintings at one vicinity or maybe one enterprise till retirement. Get your experience (generally two years before getting your CPA license), then pick your options. If you spent your first years in tax and hated it, then show employers how transferrable your abilties are and get into auditing, and vice-versa. 


Find your passion 

Both tax and audit span to just about every industry you may think of. If nonprofit work motivates you, paintings for an corporation you’re passionate approximately. If finance, retail or manufacturing absolutely trap your interests, move do tax or audit for one in all them. 

Keep in mind… 

Employers want talented people with diverse abilities, and they need tough workers. If you've got a sturdy work ethic and put within the hours and do your job, the companies probable don’t want to lose you. If you’re doing a first rate job, but feel like something is “missing” and want to explore every other tune, employers are inclined to have those talks with you.

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