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1. Always have a habit of writing concepts in book when your solving MCQs and SIMs, no need to waste time on charts summary etc. But write crucial concepts which you see when your solving MCQs, SIMs etc

2. No need to do 10000 MCQ but what is needed is conceptual knowledge

3. Skill based videos are mandatory and do each and every skill-based videos of Becker

4. Don't go to centre without doing 3 mock test of Becker, MOCK TEST is mandatory

5. Don't be in a hurry to complete CPA exam but be ready to understand the objective then try to answer it

6. Journal entries are must in FAR as repeatedly said, keep having habit of writing journals

7. Practice RESEARCH based literature perfectly, some are having misconception that it's useful only for solving Research based SIMs and not other SIMs which is incorrect, 50% of your CPA exam is open book, so use open book (Digital literature) nicely

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    I have start the cpa class si guide me

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