Top 5 Career Benefits of Being a CPA

Whether you’re a career professional looking for a new credential or career change or an accounting major considering getting your CPA license, there are several great benefits of being a CPA. 

In the world of accounting and finance, a CPA is an elite professional accountant who has met state qualifications and has acquired an additional level of credibility and expertise. A US CPA is equivalent to an Indian CA.  

If you’re considering earning the CPA credential, check out these five career benefits listed below.

1. Increased Opportunity in the Short Term

Because of their status as elite professionals, CPAs are in high demand. With the demand for more competent professionals on the rise and the business environment becoming more complex, employers are on the lookout for candidates with a proven track record in accounting, starting with the CPA license. In the short term, a CPA can expect to have more job opportunities. You will be able to work in a variety of industries like public accounting, industry, governmental organizations, and nonprofits and will have a better opportunity of finding a career and job you love.

2. Increased Opportunity in the Long Term

To become a manager or a partner in a public accounting firm, you’ll need to have a CPA license. A CPA credential will surely help prove that you can work at higher levels of a company if you’re interested in moving into the C-Suite in industry. If corporate life isn’t for you, and you’re looking to start your small firm, having a CPA license will demonstrate to potential clients that you have the education and experience necessary for the job. The license also will help you ascend the ladder in any accounting or finance position irrespective of the industry or company.

3. Higher Salary and Benefits Potential

Salaries vary based on experience level and the industry, but over the life of their careers, CPAs can expect to earn $1 million more than their counterparts without a CPA license, on average. Having a CPA license also opens doors to more benefits that come in the form of a higher ranking job or through the negotiation of power. CPAs can negotiate more benefits, including flexible work schedules and vacation time, since they are in higher demand than their non-CPA counterparts.

4. Future Job Stability

The CPA credential demands a high amount of critical thinking and application, and those with the credential prove to their employers that they’re worth being employed. With a dynamic business environment that is adapting to new technologies, accounting processes are becoming more automated. But it is humans who can think critically and creatively have the final say in the accounting and finance environments. The CPA is a powerful certification, even in economic downturns, and you’ll find stability within the profession at all points during your career.

5. It’s A Well-Respected Credential

The CPA is a well-respected professional across the globe. 

Now is the time to jump into studying if you’ve been considering the CPA credential. With a higher salary, more opportunities, and more respect, it’s a career move that you can feel good about, one that will open doors and help you on your journey to the perfect career. Get ready to start exploring the CPA. 


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