US CMA in India

  • 2019-12-26
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US CMA in India

Both CMA and CPA are accounting certifications and they both demonstrate individuals expertise in its respective fields. Just as you cannot make a choice between B. Com and a BBA unless you know where your interests lies , you won't be able to differentiate these two certifications only upon an inquisition.

CMA's work within an organization and help the organization with high level decision making, like adding or dropping a segment, buying or making a product, making capital investment decisions and also help with preparing annual budgets, managing cost overruns in a production area and etc. Please note that: CMA's do not have a license as CPA's and they can only assist and not assign financial statements.

CPA is a very powerful credential to demonstrate one's calibre in public accounting. They primarily are hired by external clients to make their financial statements attested, do their taxes, as they only have the power to do the same. No accountants other than a CPA with a license has the rights to perform the attestation services. Their primary roles include; ascertaining the correctness of the financial statements, internal and external auditing, accounting for taxes, ensuring compliance and guiding the organization with appropriate laws and regulations.

CMA and CPA's both have different job roles and different career opportunities. They both are needed by an organization to make their financial pedals run and they both have a massive contribution in ensuring the overall well-being of their financial growth.

However, it is not that the curriculum of CMA and CPA's never make an intersection, like some portions of CPA is covered in CMA and some portions of CMA is covered in CPA too, but they are not covered in details as they do in their own.

So make a choice upon your interests and likings, if you want to work within an organization and contribute to its success, then opt CMA, and if you want to work as a public accountant, then choose CPA.


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