CPA is the highest professional accounting qualification in the U.S.A. and is recognized internationally, including India. The CPA qualification in the US is similar to the CA

Qualification in India. The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) conducts Uniform CPA exam. CPA Professional have thorough and complete knowledge of

Accounting principles of the U.S (US- GAAP). The services of US CPA are required in all areas of the business world.

A number of multinational companies are heading to India for its growing workforce, seeking people in the accounting domain with knowledge of U.S. GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) and GAAS (Generally Accepted Auditing Standards). Indian corporates, due to listing requirements of U.S. Stock Exchanges, are increasingly requiring

specialists with knowledge of the U.S CPAs.

Discrete Features for US CPA Course:

Latest content mirroring the CPA exam

Study anytime, anywhere with our In-class or Online Course format

Get career guidance from Subject Experts

Interactive Classroom Sessions

Computer Based Mock tests

Get expert guidance and assistance pertaining to eligibility, procedures & scheduling details

Generate an Optimum Study plan tailored to your preferences with our Interactive Study Planner

To become CPA, Follow the simple steps

Eligibility: To become eligible, you would need a Bachelor's degree from NAAC A university and a master's or CA inter, post graduate diploma to complement it, you don't need to

go into mechanism of credits, just remember if you have and any additional professional qualification would help

Exam: CPA exam is 4 paper-based exam, Financial accounting and reporting, US taxation and law- Regulation, Auditing and attestation, business environment and concepts, it's 50% objective and 50% essay oriented, you would need 75% percentile to pass the exam and exam can be written only in Dubai and US.

Duration: The duration would be 7–8 months and you can write the exam in any month (March, June, Sep, Dec- first 10 days only), all the sections need to be completed in 18 Months after you receive your first score.

License and Work experience: You would need one year of work experience and write an ethics exam (open book) to become licensed and practice in US

Pass percentage: 45–50 % is the pass percentage of candidates writing the CPA exam

Career opportunities: US companies like Google, Facebook, apple, Wells Fargo, standard chartered, JP Morgan etc are always looking for CPA candidates for their finance team and CPA would enjoy more benefits than CA due to their expertise in US GAAP, the compensation is very high in MNCs and definitely the course is worth pursuing and we at Simandhar Education have placed candidates at same package what CA candidates are placed.

Best course providers and study material: Currently Becker professional education, Wiley and Gliem are the international course providers for CPA, you can also visit CPA USA Course Training Institute in India, CMA USA Course Training Institute in India

Now how do we start preparing for CPA now for these things there are many other ways to prepare for the best to happen so in the best way possibly could be the one where you get the best quality of study but not just this there are many key factors as mentioned below

Quality Study Material

Time to study on your own

Best Doubt session in which you definitely interact with the teachers

Best ever test samples

Also, you must be able to make your schedule


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