US CPA vs Indian CA

  • 2019-09-10
  • In CPA USA
US CPA vs Indian CA
CPA definitely is not as tough as CA , following are the reasons which make it slightly easier and a good bet to do Duration of the course : CPA Is lesser in content and the duration is normally 10–14 months unlike Indian CA which is five years Articleship : The challenge to crack CA is one need to pursue it along with Internship so the Candidate need to split his time for studying and managing office which makes it challenging both in terms of leaves approval from the principal and attending other course's , CPA on other hand does have experience requirment but only after post qualification which is also one year only unlike 3 years in CA Flexibility in scheduling : CA exams happen twice a year however CPA exam happen all 12 months thereby giving ample time for Students to plan their exam well in advance and thus making it easier to pass, though exam cannot be written in India but even if Candidate is selecting Dubai he have flexibility to write section wise in CPA and come back to India after writing two sections Number of papers : CA have almost 18–20 papers whereas there are only 4 papers in CPA thus making it very easy for students to crack it Question pattern : CPA is 50% objective and 50% case law based unlike CA which is 30% objective only on selected papers so thus the chances of cracking CPA is more Pass percentage : Pass percentage for CPA stands at 55% unlike CA , the pass Percentage for CA is 7–8% For  More Info Click Here


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