What are the tips for retaking a section of the CPA Exam?

People probably wondered about the rigorousness of the CPA exam and its requirement for many hours. If we make a report on the experience of those who took the CPA exam, most of them replied that it’s challenging to take the exam. Many failed due to the exam toughness. But, one misstep will not affect much in the long-term aspiration of those who are willing to become a CPA. It’s inevitable to take the exam for the second time, and there are many resources to help in getting a good score for your second attempt.

The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) have created many tools and resources for the CPA aspirants to become familiar with the exam format. 

Still not convinced?

Let’s jump right into the tips for retaking a section of the CPA Exam:

  • Review the exam blueprints
  • Practice sample tests
  • Consider a review course
  • Connect with other candidates

Review the exam blueprints:

The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) has published the detailed information on the exam content and all the sections along with the required skills to be tested on more than 800 tasks of a newly licensed Certified Public Accountant. Besides, the document consists of the benefits of taking the exam.

Practice sample tests:

Including the task-based simulations and multiple-choice questions, the AICPA has published many of the sample tests for the candidates to make familiar with questions on the exam. Also, they are not considered as the full-length tests for learning and practising for the exam. The AICPA sample test suggests 30 to 60 minutes to practice. 

Consider a review course:

Many companies and organizations offer products for the CPA aspirants to prepare well for the exam independently, such as online courses, DVDs, and books with coaching. The AICPA doesn’t endorse or publish the review materials and helps the candidates to prepare well for their good career in accounting. Besides, it offers test-trackers to review the materials.

Connect with other candidates:

If there is a power in candidates’ numbers, they are not alone, especially in a condition where they are struggling in a section of the exam. The AICPA has made it easy for the test-trackers to find each other. In LinkedIn, we can find many participants who are willing to take the CPA exam. Connect with those people.


The Certified Public Accountants have many aspirations and different goals to take the CPA exam. On the way, there are many challenging situations for those who want to retake a section of the exam. But, for the people who preserve a CPA license have critical thinking skills and accounting knowledge. Hope this article is beneficial for the people who want to retake a section of the CPA exam.

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