What is the scope of CMA (USA) offered by IMA in India?

CMA course of USA is a globally recognised degree and the qualification is extremely useful in a market like india where lot of offshoring is happening, we have lot of US companies in india who are investing and hiring accountants who have knowledge of US GAAP and IFRS, Mainly CMA USA is popular due to reasons like shorter duration, placement assistance from institutes like Simandhar Education- visit CPA Course and CMA course in Hyderabad|Simandhar Education| for more information on placement, i did my CMA course from Simandhar Education, latest content on blockchain, AI unlike our indian courses which are currently not being updated.

Following are few details

Exam Structure and Years Required to Earn the Title

The minimum theoretical time taken for the ICWAI and CA (including article ship) courses are 2 years and 4 years, respectively, assuming the candidate can pass in the first attempt. The duration for CMA USA is 8- 9 months and you need to pass only two exams unlike 17–18 exams in Indian courses

Pass percentage for CMA course : The pass percentage is 40–45%

Global Recognition : CMA USA is globally recognised qualification and due to their reverse MOUs with many countries, the jobs are more in middle east and US.

Exam Structure : There are only two papers

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