What’s the Next Step after the CPA Exam?

The candidate who passed the CPA exam has to fulfil the following requirements to become an indeed minted CPA.

You need to wait for long:

After passing the CPA exam, there’s a need to wait for congratulatory messages from the state board. Sometimes, it could be many months. Also, don’t freak if you get within a week.

You have to do something valuable before getting the congratulatory letter.

  • Take a print out of the CPA licensing form and verify it with the suitable person and ask for the favour. It’s a time taking process, but you have to do it.
  • If you want to upgrade your career, it’s the right time to spend on drafting your resume.

Take Ethics exam of CPA:

The next is to take the CPA ethics exam, don’t bother about the exam if it is not mentioned in the congratulatory letter, as many states don’t have this need. Some states like California, run their CPA exam. But, whereas many other states ask the candidates for the competition of the test. 

Fulfil the work experience:

Many states need Certified Public Accountants to accumulate relevant experience in accounting. Sufficient experience in public accounting is enough in taxation and general accounting. Majority of the states in the U.S require you to supervise your experience and should be verified with a CPA license

Fill the form and pay:

If you are ready for the process, form the state board, download the CPA application and license form. Send it with an initial license fee.

Apply for the membership of AICPA:

After CPA licensing, you have to register for the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). Then you need to fulfil the requirements of CPE. In many cases, it is very similar in every state board.

Explore CPE Providers:

Regularly, you need to take a professional education to keep your CPA license in active use. It takes 80 to 120 hours every two years. 


Hope the above article gives an idea of what to do after the CPA exam. The candidate must have to wait for a long time, take the ethics exam of CPA, fulfil the work experience, fill the form and pay, apply for the membership of AICPA, explore CPE Providers. Have questions? Leave a comment.

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