What will be the total cost of CPA course in India?

Total cost of CPA can be split into three parts

  1. Training fees of Becker product with live classes, Becker is the leading review course provider for CPA course in US.
  2. Evaluation fees
  3. Exam fees
  4. Traveling cost ( I kept this as variable cost as it depends on one's own plan if he have relatives in US and DUBAI.
    1. Training fees for the Becker product with live classes is closer to 105000- 132000 INR , the speciality of having Becker is there is unlimited views to the recorded videos, 6500 MCQs as CPA exam is 50% objective and 3000 SIMs, the above fees includes 18% GST and Becker give discount time and again with 5–10% on fees , you may visit Simandhar Education (CPA USA in India|Simandhar CPA Review ) for more details on pricing discount etc
    2. Evaluation fees is 225 $whicj is paid to evaluation agency for checking the eligiblity to sit for the CPA exam
    3. Exam fees pius International testing fees comes out to be 2400 $ which is roughly 170000 INR as most of the students shall write the exam in Dubai due to visa issues in US thus the Dubai exam fees is on higher side , US exam fees is 1000 $ but due to jet lag, visa issues and ticket cost , we recommend Dubai to be a safer Option incase you don't pass the exam
    4. Dubai stay and accommodation plus two trips we recommend comes out to be 80000 INR
  5. Overall all the cost together shall cost you 4 lakhs INR.

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