Which are best online classes for CPA (USA) in India?





We at Simandhar Education have been fantastic with our online classes for CPA USA , the aspirants have given us a great feedback and following are the reasons

  1. Becker product - We are the official partners of Becker professional education and have been doing the classes through the Becker product, the product also have video recording of international facullty but we along with it support parallely too with our live online classes, the Becker product have 6500 MCQs, 4500 SIMs and Skill based videos
  2. Regular basis : We have everyday online classes and the support is 24*7
  3. Interactive : The classes are interactive and students can clarify their doubts instantly
  4. Evaluation support and licensing assistance : Regular Webinar on evaluation and process related issues and one to one counseling for aspirants so that they can study the exam without any tension or issues

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