Which is the best CPA course in India and what will be the total cost of CPA course in India?

Simandhar education would be my choice, I have passed all the four sections with scores above 90, I would also say coaching would help you 50% and hard work would be 50%, the thing which I loved most about Simandhar is their friendly faculties and their expertise in evaluation and process of enrollment for CPA. I enrolled with them, I completed my CPA in the budget of 4 lakhs or so, the coaching fees charge was 132,000 INR, Simandhar also gives you becker product and I felt they are the most authentic institutes unlike others who are just minting money, I have been placed in Wells Fargo only due to them.

For more details on exam fees, CPA USA you can visit an Authorized Training Provider for CPA USA and CMA USA Exam for more details.

To know more about the CPA, you may visit Simandhar education is the official partner of Becker professional education and approved Channel partner of AICPA and are assisting the students in various locations of India mainly Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Gurgaon etc


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