Write your CPA exam while working Full time.

Many people believe it's like a fantasy to write the CPA exam while working full time, but what if I say it isn't. Nonetheless, because the problem is how to do it while working full time, the secret to success is to do good research and keep doing it efficiently, agile while saving time whenever possible.

The first question that comes to our mind is, how to prepare? What should be my study plan? So here are a few tips for you to follow:

  • Planning: Plan the dates for each segment as soon as they start the test window. Iterations: Go over the course material, sample questions, etc. at least 4 times before the exam. First in 30 days, then in 15, followed by a fast-paced revision in a week and then final quick review on the day before the exam.
  • No Social media: Say no to social media as it may distract you from studies. Delete all your social media Apps and mute all your WhatsApp groups for the time being.
  • Attend classes regularly: When you've enrolled in a CPA Training Program, make sure your participation there is 100 per cent. You may be a brilliant student or a graduate of business or you may have excellent accounting skills, but being irregular to classes will make you less concentrated. Interact in class with your teachers and try to clear up questions as soon as you can't understand something in the implementation of the course.
  • Short-term targets: Always set short achievable targets according to your capability.
  • Highlighting: Keep the course content underlined and labelled when learning so as not to skip a significant piece during revision.
  • Summarizing – Notice all the essential bullet points in a word document for each chapter, printed and kept it only on the morning of the exam for review.
  • Stay focused: Whatever busy you stay all day, keep CPA prep top of your priority list. Make an estimation of your overall workload during the day, allocate and stick to that schedule the anticipated hours needed for each task. Intelligent time management will increase your productivity by 10 times as much as it's now.
  • Mock tests - Take 2 mock tests for each section - a week before the exam and a day before.
  • Don’t Stress out: The Point is to take breaks and do whatever stress buster you like. Breaks are also necessary to keep you going.
  • Keep yourself calm and healthy: When we go through a strict daily routine, staying calm and energized is most critical. Get a good night's sleep and a balanced diet.

These are the ten golden tips that if a person follows will surely be able to crack the CPA exam in one go. All the best!!!

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