CPA is regarded as one of the toughest exams not just in the accounting field, but across all the fields. The CPA exam has 4 parts/subjects – BEC (Business Environment Concepts), AUD (Auditing and Attestation), FAR (Financial Accounting and Reporting), and REG (Regulations).

You need to score 75% in each subject to clear the exam. A CPA aspirant will have 18 months to clear all the exams from the time he appeared for the first exam.  If he fails to do it, then he has to start again from the first exam.  

In spite of all the difficulties, many accounting professionals prefer to do a CPA course because it is a very rewarding career. The first step in clearing the exam is to choose the right CPA training center. Simandhar Education is one of the best CPA training centers in India that has trained 1000s of CPA aspirants including accounting students and professionals.  

Simandhar Education has a track record of over 90% CPA pass rate of its students appearing for the exams.  

Many of our students have scored high marks in the exams. Most of them have gone on to get jobs at Big 4s and top accounting firms.  

Wondering what we are doing right? Below are 5 things that Simandhar Education gets spot-on to help students pass CPA with scores up to 98. 

Student-Centric Approach 

Simandhar Education follows a student-centric approach. For us, our values and students come first above all else. We ensure that the students have a smooth experience from onboarding to becoming a US CPA.  

In the words of our Co-founder Sripal, “We promise to stay by your side throughout your journey of becoming an accounting professional.” 

Everything we do at Simandhar resonates with these words. We provide end-to-end assistance to our students. We take care of all the paperwork and guide you on every step of the process so that you can focus completely on your studies.  

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Live Interactive Classes 

Tired of the monotonous boring lectures? We hear you loud and clear. As the proverb goes,  

Education is not taught; education is achieved  

Learning is a two-way process. There has to be strong communication between the trainer and his pupils. Understanding the virtue of this, Simandhar Education conducts live interactive classes. Our faculty and trainers welcome doubts and queries from the students. The doubts will be cleared instantly. Our faculty try to make sure that the class is engaging and interactive.  

Plus, the classes are scheduled at periodic intervals to make sure you are not overwhelmed. It gives you enough time to revise the content and rejuvenate before the next class.  

We understand that at times, you can’t attend live classes due to unprecedented reasons. For that, we give you access to the recorded classes so that you can watch them at your convenient time.  

Study Material 

Simandhar Education uses Becker-approved study materials that are easy to understand. The study material covers the curriculum of all 4 parts of the CPA exam.  

Our study material is curated to go beyond helping the students clear their exams. Simandhar+Becker LMS is developed to train students in practical concepts so that they can also excel in their workplace.  We make sure that the students are up to date with the current trends happening in the accounting and finance industry.  

Study Groups 

Our study groups are one of the strongest attributes of Simandhar Education. We have dedicated study groups across different platforms and online forums. Our faculties and students are active most of the time.

These study groups prove to be the biggest source of knowledge and inspiration. Any questions or doubts you post in the study group will be addressed immediately either by our faculty or students.  

Our trainers will provide you with tips and exam preparation strategies to ensure you are on the right track. Besides, the students will also share their exam preparation strategies which will motivate you and keep pushing yourself.  

Last-Minute Revision Classes 

The last few days before the exam are very stressful. But it is also the most crucial phase. All those months of hard work and dedication are about to pay off. A little bit of doubt will also creep in. It is very important to hold your nerves and continue doing what you have been doing for so all.  

To keep you on track, our team will conduct live last-minute revision classes. It helps you to build up your confidence and gives you a sense of assuredness. Our trainers will recap the curriculum and walk you through the course content. Special importance will be given to the most important and most difficult topics.  

During this session, our trainer will provide you with important tips and strategies and make you exam-ready. 

Mock Tests and Quizzes 

The only way to understand your knowledge of the subject is to take as many mock tests and quizzes as possible. We have a training plan that consists of mock tests, quiz assessments, essay questions, MCQs, and compressive progress tests. We also use the Becker test bank to put our students through a rigorous testing process.  

The mock tests will help you manage your time so that you don’t become nervous during the exam. You will understand how much time you have to allocate for each question. The more mock tests you take, the more confident and assured you will be when attending the exam.  

With the above-mentioned attributes, it is no surprise that Simandhar Education has emerged as one of the best CPA institutes in India. Simandhar has ticked all the boxes that students expect from an accounting training institute.

If you are planning to pursue a CPA career, get in touch with us at +91 7780273388 or mail us at .  

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Simandhar is the official partner of Becker and AICPA - Largest Training provider for US CPA, US CMA , IFRS and EA courses in India. Learn how to clear your CPA exams with extremely satisfying results by getting proper guidance and knowledge through our online courses and video tutorials taught by industry Experts. We’re here to provide you with all the help that you need in order to ace your CPA, CMA exams. We are just a call away for any assistance. Simandhar Education is the leading training provider for the CPA Exam in India. Contact 91 7780273388. Hurry up !! CPA exam now in India and Simandhar Education will help you to achieve it.

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