Keep practicing MCQs after every module, create and take practice tests as you make progress with the chapters.

Width of knowledge is more important than its depth, i.e. knowing a little bit of everything.


Make sure you have a thorough understanding of every topic, don’t have expectations based on trends. Understand typical concepts like leases and pensions but also don’t unnecessarily engage too much in it. If you aren’t getting a simple point, then refer to other materials like for me Suraj Sir’s videos worked, but if you still don’t get it then don’t sweat it too much just move on. Read and understand the call of the questions first because most of the time half of the information in lengthy-looking questions will be irrelevant.


  • Read the questions at least twice to dodge their wordplay.
  • Make as many notes as possible to grasp the significant points and concepts properly.
  • Again, practice till your eyes are swollen and you can’t see properly.


  • Make charts or tables for important phase-out limits so everything is in front of you and make sure you review it every day first thing in the morning.
  • Don’t skip revising regulation for even a day or you might get confused and lose track of the preparation. It’s very easy to get confused about this subject.
  • Make notes on the difference between the rules of the basics for S Corps and Partnership and also practice a lot of questions because the rules for the both seem extremely similar. Again, making charts for this could be of great help. Do the same for similar exchanges as well.


  • I’ll suggest the cliché here, learn the COSO framework, ERM and ALL of their principles by heart.
  • Practice IT, watch all IT related Becker videos and make notes of new points that is explained. For the writing part, keep the structure in mind like – Intro, main Content or body and then the Conclusion. And attempt the questions even if you don’t know the answer, play around your knowledge and ALWAYS write according to the structure.
  • Also, don’t ever make the mistake of taking BEC lightly.
Hope these are somehow helpful.

Shradha Gola

Simandhar Education

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