It took about 2 months for me to complete my entire CPA-BEC Exam including initial studies and revision.

I am a full time student. My target used to be to complete at least two chapters within a week averaging two to three modules per day with Becker exercises.

I followed an exact sequence starting with video lectures( The ones over simandhar portals?

And later moving further to proof reading of the book– Skills practice — MCQ’s — Simulations.I made sure that every weekend I revise the topics covered earlier by giving weekly practice tests. Revision in the key in order to get your knowledge fresh over the topics you have covered.

I found unlimited practice tests and flashcards very helpful since they provide a concrete basis for revision. After completing one round of initial study and first revision, I attempted Becker’s Mocks which I believe are the best way to have an essence of what an actual exam would look like.

Last but not the least written communication tasks shouldn’t be taken casually. It is very important to practice the pattern and understand them thoroughly.

  • Please note that COSO ERM IT is heavily tested.
  • Second testlet of mine was just full of IT MCQs and most of the terms were unheard of by me even.
  • Simulation over Variance is a must question as well.
  • Having substantial knowledge about BEC 2 and BEC 3 would help in attempting most of the MCQ’s
  • Also, Economics is tested in a reasonable amount as well.

I hope that this is somehow helpful.

Pratyush Kapahi


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