The strategy that I followed with my BEC paper is that I always used to go through Becker lectures first, and then I speed read the Becker notes and underlined everything that I felt was important.

∙ Then I did my skills practice after which I did the MCQ’s and then finally did the Sims.

∙ I followed this until I completed all the modules.

∙ During this process, the most important thing is that you keep reviewing all the past modules. For example, if you’re on your 4th module, make sure you keep reviewing the first 3 modules. The best way for reviewing past modules is through the unlimited practice tests provided by Becker where you can take a test on any module of your choice.

∙ I found the unlimited tests extremely helpful and would try to solve around 30-50 MCQs every day from modules that I’ve completed.

∙ MCQ’s are a great way to learn. Make sure you know the reason on how one particular option is correct and how the other option is wrong. I used to hammer the Becker MCQs as much as possible.

∙ In the final week of your test, take the mock test of Becker and try to assess your weak areas and work on them. Mock tests are also a great indicator of how you should pace your exam. So, make sure you take the mock tests. Best of luck to all CPA aspirants and make sure you hammer on those MCQ’s


Devrup Das


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