Set up stiff targets for executing a job and work relentlessly to exceed your own expectation. Make winning a habit.’ – says Mr. Rajneesh Jain, President & CFO – Reliance Jio.

Mr. Rajneesh Jain is a Cost & Management Accountant (CMA). He is an accomplished finance veteran with over 30 years of professional experience in the industry. He has worked with a number of established organizations previously namely RCom, Indo Rama Synthetics, Ispat Industries, and BHEL. He joined Reliance Industries in 2001 and since then has worked his way up to lead the finance organization in the execution of the world’s largest data network.

“As I look back at my professional journey till date, full of ups and downs with both ecstatic and miserable moments, five lessons come to my mind which has led me on the path to success.

Education is the greatest blessing in life. I personally rate this above health and wealth. With a good education, one can manage both of them. The brilliance of Stephen Hawkins was never deterred by his crippled health. Though born to lower-middle-class parents, my Father always kept my education at the top of his agenda. Post higher secondary, I decided to manage my education on my own. I started taking tuitions, joined CMA, and completed both graduation and professional degree simultaneously to be ready for a job at the age of 22.

The Cardinal Principle of my Career has been a Risk-taking mindset. Experiment, Failure, Repeat, Success has been my mantra. Enjoying the fruits of success does not interest me. On the contrary, the longevity in a particular state brings boredom which makes me experiment all over again.

I have always played to my strengths. Was quick to realize as a teenager that I was bestowed with a reasonably good sense of planning, strategy, intuition, and soft skill of team building. On many occasions, I was happy to play the role of a catalyst to bring the talents together. This was extremely rewarding as whichever team had always won. It has been my strong belief that while Individual Brilliance can only win BATTLES, it is always a TEAM that can win WARS.

Never be afraid to accept challenges. From Engineering behemoth BHEL to the Challenger INDO RAMA, being part of bringing life to sinking ISPAT or transforming telecom history through 40 paisa calls in RCOM and finally part of Sh. Mukesh bhai’s Digital India Vision has been a roller coaster ride of varied challenging roles. The journey has been challenging but enriching and rewarding.

My final advice to all youngsters is to never stop dreaming. Back up your dream with a VISION, set up clearly defined GOALS to accomplish and execute them with relentless hard work, timely course correction, and SUCCESS is assured. Even, if you are not successful after all the efforts, it would be a life spent meaningfully.”

Mr. Rajneesh Jain
(President & CFO – Reliance Jio)

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