Everyone has a different style of learning. There is a saying that your mind imitates what you see and this is what I am, a visual learner. I attended live classes of BEC at Simandhar education and then I went through Becker’s lecture. It helped me understand concepts better.  Becker’s skills practice helped me a lot during my studies. They explained the topic in a very brief and crisp form, which helped both during my studies and during review too.

Tips for BEC exam:

1.  Time management is the key to clear CPA exams. So have a good practice on MCQ’s so that you can save more time for SIMS, during exam.

2.  For smaller calculations you can use a calculator provided at the prometric. But for a larger set of data and calculation practice using excel. All functions work during exams.

3.  For the written communication section listen to skill master videos of Becker experts. They have done a great job explaining it . Follow the format and use transition words (Like for example, first , before , however etc.)for your response .During exam when you reach this section, read the question and in the initial first minute try writing key points on your scratch paper, it will help you to write your response on time.

4.  For Units 1 & 6 practice writing mnemonics every day. This would help you to remember those during the exam.

5.  For units with numerical make sure you understand the formula as well as its interpretation as the exam checks you on both of these factors.

6.  Make sure you attempt all mock exams of Becker and AICPA sample tests and newly released questions.

7.  On the exam day be confident and don’t spend much time on a question if you are not getting answers at the moment, flag it and come back later .

Wish you good luck for the exam and hope these tips help you!!

Leena Varanjani


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