Before starting with my strategy, I would like to emphasize on the fact that I completed my MBA back in 2012 and after which I never appeared for the exams. So, when I first thought of starting CPA, it was tough for me to digest the idea of studying and appearing for exams while working full time. I made a goal of completing Regulation first as I had experience with US taxation. After clearing the Regulation, I chose Audit, but since I never studied Audit before, and I also found it quite heavy because of which I took time in understanding concepts.

I started reading Regulations on weekends. My strategy was to go through all the video lectures, understand the concepts and do important markings which will help me during my final studies before exams. I planned to do MCQs, skill practice and simulations immediately after completing the video lecture of one particular module, but I couldn’t do it due to the time crunch. Finally, I went through skill practice and simulations in the last week of preparations; it helped me revise and memorize concepts fully from every aspect.

My leaves weren’t approved for the Regulation exam as February was a busy tax season for us, but I somehow managed to study after office hours. Due to COVID-19, I was unable to appear for exams in April / May, so after centres started reopening in India, and looking at my goal & clear perseverance to make it for the exam I took 10 days leave before the exam in June and started preparations for Audit exams.

My schedule consisted of revising all chapters of a single module per day by just going through the highlighted words, skill practices and simulations.

After going through all skill practices and simulations, I gave the mock exam -1, which gave me an idea about the areas that required more practice. After identifying weak areas, I went through the MCQ’s and simulations for that. Thus mock exams are extremely needed in order to know your weak areas, the nature and also the complexity of the exam. Finally, all my hard work paid off when I cleared the exam in the very first attempt.


Kandarp Dave


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