Hi Everyone, this is Sumit Kumar Gupta.

First of all, I would like to say you can do it for sure☺️.

Now coming to strategy for studying CPA Exam(REG).

In general, I would say that the most important thing you must do is avoid procrastination. Many of us are working professionals and have a busy season period, so it’s very important to be able to assess the situation and act accordingly. Be much more real as there would be days where you will hardly have 1 hour to study.

We need to remember that we cannot sacrifice on any part… neither work nor study both are important, so it is my request not to be in a hurry to give exam focus on quality study.

Now coming to REG –

*Please read each and every line of the book, when I say each and every line I really mean it. Do not skip any otherwise you will be in danger I can bet on it.

*Do not mug up things that are not going to help you, try to understand the concepts and try to relate things.

*Complete one module at a time and make sure you are done with that particular module before moving on to the next one.

*Please do not underestimate any chapter. Right from the 1st page of the R-1 M1 till the Last page of R-8 M-6 each and every page is important. Do not skip a single word.

*Try to solve MCQ’s as much as you can and note down where you are making mistakes and go back and read that portion once more.

*In the process of solving MCQ’s many times, it will happen that you came across the same questions and even before reading the question you would know the answer but then also read the question well and then answer properly because in exam questions are not going to be the same.

*Beware of the words hidden in the Mcq’s like except, not,if and buts. One small word and the answer changes completely.

*Simulation you need to practice but more than practice you need to make sure that you develop a habit of reading each and every word of the question carefully, because if you know the concept you can definitely answer each and every SIMs easily,  but when you are not reading the question properly you might see that ultimately your answers are right still you will end up getting zero in that sim, confused let me share an example.

Let’s say you get a sim to compute the Income/ losses and expenses in a particular simulation. Now you will see that there will be a sentence in the beginning or at the end..like enter the income and expenses as whole numbers and if an item has value zero, leave the cell blank. So what happens is most of the time you will end up putting zeros instead of leaving the cell blank, thus getting no points for them. Believe me that one mistake will be hard to digest if done during the exam. 

So please read the question very carefully.

*Don’t be in a hurry to give an exam as I mentioned before assess your situation, understand your pace and act accordingly. If you study wisely, 300 hours are enough for REG.


I used to complete each module at a time and then made my own handwritten notes. (Why I prefer handwritten notes is that it helps to retain things and also it is helpful for a quick revision before the exam day).

Once I completed one whole chapter, say Reg -1 every alternate day, I used to do a quick 20 Mcq personalized review session to retain things that I have studied already.

Once I was done with all the chapters, I did a quick revision by reading my handwritten notes and then started doing the Mcq which I did wrong or which I marked as important during my 1st attempt 2 weeks before the exam, I gave 1st mock and then after 5 days of gap gave 2nd and after 2 days of gap 3rd mock and also the Aicpa mock exam.

One small advice -Keep on doing the UPT sets, select the chapters and do a random session of say 60 Mcq’s and 5-8 sims and keep tracking your time that you take to solve them.

I completed my last two mocks within 2 hrs 35 mins, and in the actual exam, I took a total 3 hrs 40 mins.

The night before exam be relaxed, have a good sound sleep and if possible try and book the 1pm slots for the exams so that you have sufficient time in the morning

Drop your questions in the telegram group, the people there are very much helpful and also keep answering others’ doubts because that will help to bring more clarity.

All the best guys, you will do it for sure.

My Best
Sumit Kumar Gupta


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