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US CPA Exam In the month of September 2020, I have cleared the Regulation section with 98 marks and FAR section with 91 marks. Honestly, I had never expected such marks. I am glad I could share my side of the story with you guys.

I prepared to attempt the REG exam in June 2020 but unfortunately couldn’t travel to Delhi due to Covid-19. Apparently I was forced to defer the attempt to September 2020, the positive side to it was that I was able to revise the entire syllabus again. I believe this was a blessing in disguise for me. In July, I started preparation for FAR along with REG revision.

After the results, many people asked me about my strategy for the exam. Believe me, the key to success is multiple revisions and appropriate guidance. I feel blessed that I was honoured with guidance from Simandhar education’s community and had enough time to do revisions because of lockdown. 

Here is the list of some points which helped me and would help all the aspirants in their journey of becoming a US CPA.

1. Pen down the MCQ number and particular row of TBS which you could not solve or find difficult or took more time than usual, in a separate notepad, so that next time you do revision of that chapter your main focus will be on those problems.

2. Mark the topics in the book while doing MCQ and TBS so that when you revise from the book you will be aware that question might come from this area and you will focus on that area more.

3. While doing revision, make a small list of topics which you find difficult to retain for longer time. Revise these topics one day before exam so that you can easily recollect in the exam if the question might come from those topics. I have personally experienced this and around 5-6 MCQ and 1-2 TBS were from those topics. 

4. Try to do as many practice sets as you can because the software will push those questions again and again which you did wrong earlier. This way you will be able to revise the whole chapter in a better way. 

5. Sripal Sir’s interview with one of the toppers taught us on how we can take our parents’ help in this preparation. Thereby I told my mother to keep a check on my progress on a daily basis which I feel helped me a lot in following my timetable.

6. On the exam day, while doing the MCQ testlet try to note down the question number of which you are not completely sure about on the rough sheet so that before submitting that testlet you can visit them again.

7. Please do not panic while giving the exam. No matter how difficult the question is, try to understand the requirement of the question and answer it as per your understanding and knowledge. Do not get stuck on one difficult question, just answer it whether right or wrong and move to the next question.

8. Manage your time very wisely in the exam. Do not spend more than 40-50 minutes on one testlet because you don’t know how hard or easy the next testlet is. I spent almost 2 hours on the first two testlets in the FAR exam and later found it difficult to complete the remaining 3 testlets in the next 2 hours. This thing you can practice while giving mock exams in becker software.

These are the few pen downs that worked for me and might be of great use for you as well. I hope this will help you in your preparation and I wish for all of us to get this CPA title as soon as possible.

Nitin Goyal


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