Do you find yourself checking to see whether your score has been revealed every 5 minutes? Is your score report something you’re looking forward to or dreading? Have you attempted the “eyeball trick” before? Let’s take a look at where you can acquire official CPA test scores, what the “eyeball trick” is (and who can do it), and how to avoid exam anxiety while you wait.

NASBA addresses frequently asked questions concerning CPA test scores, such as where to get your score report, what to do if you suspect there was a mistake on your exam, and what happens if your score release date falls after your credit for your first exam has expired. It’s also worth noting that people who take the exam in non-NASBA states (California, Illinois, and Maryland) can get their results from their state boards of accountancy. Furthermore, NASBA provides information on foreign exam administration, stating that “results for applicants testing in an overseas site are published on the same timetable as domestic scores.”

The AICPA gives score release dates, explains how the test is evaluated and provides information needed to comprehend the comments supplied in your exam performance report if you did not pass the exam (note that some jurisdictions do not offer performance reports).


What can you do, though, if you can’t wait for the score to be released? The “eyeball trick” comes into play at this point. Candidates have worked out a way to determine if they passed or failed (but not their total score) a few hours – or even a day – before the official results are revealed. However, if you tested in a non-NASBA state, this “eyeball trick” won’t work. The following is how the “eyeball trick” is done:

• An “eyeball” indicator will appear on your score report if you took your exam in a NASBA state and you took a previous exam within that testing period. The score for the last exam is still available.

• When you click on the icon to see your report, you’ll find your current test mentioned, along with a comment that says “attended” (recognizes that you took the exam; come back later for more information), “credit” (you passed), or “no credit” (you didn’t give).

While this provides some information, the official score report will be far more valuable.

If you’ve just completed a previous section, you might be able to use the eyeball technique!

Who can make use of it?

Candidates that have already tested, gotten a score report, and have a score report accessible.

This will not work if you are a first-time exam taker (as you will not have an active report).

What is its location?

After completing each component of the NASBA site, you will be given a score report form. If that score report form is ready, it will be posted on the NASBA website under the “Score Release” page.

Please keep in mind that score reports do expire!

How do I put it to use?

On the score release day, download the score report form from the NASBA web page. When you open the pdf, the portion you’re looking for will change from “Attended” to “No credit” or “Credit.”

“No credit” implies you failed, whereas “Credit” means you passed.

When does it function?

On the day of the score release, you will use the eyeball trick. The scores are generally uploaded in alphabetical sequence (i.e., AUD, BEC, FAR, then REG).

Important note: The NASBA has routinely posted the results one day early.

What is my actual score?

You will not see your exact score until the results are revealed later that night. However, you will know if you passed or failed.


There is certainly no way to eliminate all worry over result releases. Still, a compelling exam study may boost your confidence such that you look forward to receiving your score report rather than dreading it. Good exam preparation is primarily determined by the quality of the materials you utilized and how well you used them. How well do you believe your education prepared you for the CPA exam? Was the exam what you expected based on your preparation? If not, assess both the resources you utilized and how you used them (see below) to see if any modifications should be made.


1. A broader range of materials will aid in reinforcing information and may be used to several learning styles.

• Update their materials in response to changes in laws, rules, and so on?

• Can you provide instructions for each of the exam’s seven-question formats?

2. Multiple-choice questions, BEC written communication, and five different sorts of TBSs: research, journal entry, document review, options list, and free-response numeric entry.

• How can you avoid typical blunders and demonstrate “tricks” in exam questions?

• Do you provide tutoring and study materials?

• Direct you to authoritative resources for your preparation?


• Create a study plan that takes into account your work-life balance?

• Make full use of all available materials, including videos, flashcards, MCQs, and TBSs?

• Have you taken the AICPA’s practise test and see the training videos?

• Do you collaborate with a study partner or seek tutoring?

• Do you score at least 80% on practise tests?

• Create a strategy for allocating your time on the test between MCQs and TBSs.

• Preparing for the exam by simulating the examination process?

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