CPA (Certified Public Accountant) is a certification offered by AICPA in the field of Accountancy. CPAs are considered trusted financial advisors to help organizations reach their financial targets.

The certification is most beneficial for the CS, CA, Cost Accounting professionals, Financial Advisors, MBAs, etc. To become a Certified Public Accountant, one needs to clear all the sections of the CPA exam.

CPA Eligibility:

  • To pursue CPA certification, the candidate must have an under-graduation degree.
  • Depending on the state board of Accountancy, a candidate should have completed 120-150 semester hours in the related accounting subjects.

Tricks to prepare for the CPA exam:

Here are the tricks to prepare for the CPA exam:

  • Preparation method
  • Put in the study time
  • Practice well
  • Simulate the exam

Preparation method:

While preparing for the CPA exam, the approach itself reflects on your accounting education. Suppose, if you are good at reading you can read textbooks and practice online. If you learn well from a teacher, go with video lectures.

Put in the study time:

You have 18 months to pass all the sections of the CPA exam, but sometimes you don’t meet the target probably in the area of accounting. One thing must be noted that you don’t have to memorize the things, but learn the material.

Practice well:

In preparation for the exam, it’s hard to cram the subject in just one or two days. So, you have to go through the material many times and have to practice each section thoroughly.

Simulate the exam:

One must have to practice using computerized tests for the simulation questions and multiple-choice questions. It’s because, on the day of the exam, every question looks familiar, which leads to confusion. The familiarity level is almost 30 percent. So, it’s better to have a wealth of case-based simulations.


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