It has been frequently asked if one can prepare for Certified Management Accountant, by sitting in the comfort of their home. In our fast-moving world, where everything can be done online, CMA can be pursued through online assistance with the help of the right institute and the correct approach.

Let’s look after some aspects which you should focus on while approaching for preparation through online classes:

Information overload: In today’s world, gathering information is relatively easy. However, it takes a long time to refine it and reach the desired results. Self-study is a good idea if you have enough time.

Lack of thorough preparation: Every year, nearly eight out of ten persons fail the CMA exam due to a lack of careful preparation. To pass, you must have a thorough comprehension of the most critical components of each topic, which is made easier with assisted learning.

Focus on management accounting: When you go to the doctor with a blood test, he interprets it right away and gives you a solution. The US CMA study deals with the interpretation of financial data as well. As a result, it is critical to comprehend the finer points of economic data, which will be easier with an experienced professional in assisted learning.

Smart Learning: Learning should be both conceptual and intuitive. You should have a strong conceptual understanding of the topics and be able to make decisions quickly. The doctor delivers the remedies without discussing anything else after receiving your blood test results. Your studies must prepare you for that intuitive awareness that allows a seasoned specialist to provide immediate solutions to financial challenges.

Balancing study and work-life: Working professionals face a time constraint because of their hectic schedules in both their professional and personal lives. They cannot add to their workload by studying for about 500 hours to pass the US CMA exam. Assisted learning will cut your time in half, from 500 to 250 hours.

Quality study material: Passing an exam necessitates the use of high-quality study materials. It is also critical for US CMA candidates to gather high-quality, error-free course materials to assess their more delicate understanding points. Attempting high-quality MCQ-style questions can help you finish on time and pass the US CMA exam.

100% with the preparation: Due to the high cost of the US CMA exam (about INR 35,000/-), you must be confident that your practice is excellent to pass the exam. No one wants to make several tries because it will be a waste of money!

Professional courses: If you’ve taken professional courses like CA Final, CMA Final, CS Final, CPA, and so on, you’ll know what to expect. Then, with updated study materials and additional time, you should be able to study alone.

Simandhar Education has been recognized as the best platform for online CMA training for several reasons:

Classes with Live Interaction-

While Simandhar allows us to take online lessons from the comfort of our own home, live classes will enable us to interact with our clients and address their problems on the spot. Depending on the schedule, our interactive seminars are evenly spaced and last from 1-3 hours. We make sure you don’t have too many classes or a lengthy syllabus.

Assistance with the entire evaluation process-

Applying for a CMA is a difficult task in and of itself. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. Our professional team will walk you through each stage of the process, making your life easier and allowing you to concentrate solely on your studies.

Revision at the Last Minute-

While both Becker and Simandhar allow you to rewatch all online sessions at your leisure, Simandhar also offers live revision classes to ensure that you have everything covered. We do this to prevent you from rushing at the last minute, familiar with CMA candidates. They’ve been a hit among the Indian CMA community in the United States.

Artificial Intelligence Mocks-

Becker’s Adapt2U learning system uses artificial intelligence to analyze your strengths and weaknesses and help you better prepare your exam strategy.


“Commitment is the moment of your life when you take a difficult situation and turn it into an opportunity to change your destiny.” So, once you decide to commit to your goal, no one can drag you down. We hope this article was helpful; best wishes and happy learning.

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