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Have you always dreamt of going to the US? We can make that happen! Join our MS Accounting STEM Program and be eligible for a 3-year work permit in the US.

MS Accounting - BENEFITS

Valuable Work Experience

Gain valuable, in-demand work/practical experience in the US & build industry connections

Addressing a Critical Need

Contribute to solving the shortage of skilled accountants in the US.

Prepare for US CPA

Prepare for US CPA alongside as 40% of the syllabus is covered

Placement Assistance

Sign up for our US CPA program and get free placement support from us

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Launch your US career with a head start. Contact us today to explore our STEM-designated Master's program and CPA Course!
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About this Program

After completing your bachelor‘s degree, you have the option to do a 1-year MS in Accounting in the US. This will make you eligible for the US CPA exam, as you obtain the additional 30 credits needed. Apart from doing US CPA, graduating from these universities will help you secure a job and a three year work permit In the US.

University Partnerships

Simandhar has partnered with US Universities that offer STEM Accounting programs, considering major factors like accreditation, placements, cost and duration.


Every university that Simandhar has partnered with, offers Graduate Assistantship and/or Curricular Practical Training (CPT). These are 2 ways where you can work and study at the same time. After you complete your program, you obtain a 3-year Optional Practical Training (OPT) which allows you to stay in the US and work for 3-years.

Your US Journey with us



Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ's)

The Simandhar career pathway is pretty simple and direct, without any confusion. Aspiring students who are already enrolled or planning to enroll in the CPA course at Simandhar are now entitled to get complete guidance to pursue their MS or Master's degree in the United States. There are certain accredited programs and STEM-designated MS degree programs that are being offered in accounting and finance streams. So students can choose this path in order to get a qualified Master's degree in the US and also have the opportunity to study CPA in parallel and appear for the exams there. Most of the MS degree programs, such as MSA-MS in Accounting, also cover CPA subjects. This provides enhanced CPA prep, and they also get to learn some of the latest data analytics, accounting analytics, etc. This not only voids the heavy international fees, but aspirants can now get complete eligibility to appear for the CPA exam and/or get their license. In order for them to get a license, candidates should have practical, consecutive work experience. This can come in the form of an OPT after they graduate from their MS program. The above diagram illustrates the career pathway in detail.

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. It is an acronym used by federal and state governments in the US to categorize and group together fields of study and career paths that are centered on the above four disciplines. STEM education and careers are characterized by their emphasis on problem-solving, critical thinking, innovation, and the application of scientific, technological, and mathematical principles to real-world problems and scenarios.

Degree programs in the USA that can be classified as STEM, such as MS in Accounting or MS in Accounting, aim to establish a solid foundation for students in the areas of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. These programs equip students with the skills required for several career paths, such as accounting analytics and the inclusion of the latest emerging software such as SAP, PowerBI, Tableau, etc. Typically, a master's degree program is one year long and would be around 30 credits.

Typically, the median wage for a graduate student who has completed their MS program may vary from state to state, but on average, the salaries could range anywhere from USD $55,000 to USD $75,000. However, if the candidate has completed his masters with more than 2 years of work experience and completed his or her CPA certification, he or she can earn up to USD $90,000 to even USD $100,000 based on their experience.

Yes, there is an immediate shortage, and it can be researched using reliable resources like WSJ. Please refer to the below link:Click here

Simandhar's main aim is to impart high-quality education and give them placement opportunities. We believe that education has the ability to transform every individual. Today's students don’t just need information to be educated; they need an overall transformation to be successful in life. Since CPA is conducted by the AICPA in the US and has immense benefits, Simandhar is creating a pathway for aspiring students to clear their exam and even get their certification and licensing. The licensing for US CPAs could come from any state board in the US. Similarly, ACCA has benefits in the UK and India. Similarly, CPA Australia or CPA Canada have immense benefits for people who are in these regions. Hence, Simandhar strives to open new frontiers of education anywhere abroad. Moreover, US CPA is globally recognized and can land your dream job anywhere.

There are countless reasons why you should consider going to the US. Firstly, the United States is undoubtedly the number one destination for education in STEM fields. (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) With state-of-the-art educational infrastructure, facilities, and educational environment, learning from faculty who are among the finest in the world, not to mention the practical training and exposure that you get, is unmatched. This is why so many people, from China to India, flock to the US every year for education. This also brings in many other benefits, such as achieving financial stability, expanding your career prospects, exploring global opportunities and research, and, of course, upskilling yourself with the latest technological advancements. What more do you need?

Yes, surely you can. Since you are going on an F1 student visa when you go for your higher studies in the US, your dependents can go on an F2 visa. You may have to show proof of funds that are adequate for both dependents. There will be additional living expenses that the student on F1 would incur (for dependents) while studying. To name a few, housing, health insurance, living expenses, food, medicines, possible day care costs, etc.)

Yes, you can definitely do that. It depends on the skills, goals, and needs of the CA student. A CA student can decide to make a quick transition to pursue his MS degree program and parally prepare for CPA and clear that easily. Since 70% of the CPA course is taught while pursuing Indian CA, it is quite easy for CA students to crack US CPA. Moreover, the MS in Accounting also covers a lot of topics in the curriculum related to CPA and prepares them to be eligible to take the exam there.

Yes, you can. You do not have to be enrolled in the CPA program with Simandhar to pursue your MS program. All are welcome to pursue their Masters; however, for Simandhar students (and Aluumni), we provide free assistance and guidance up until the VISA stage. For others, additional charges may be applicable. Feel free to inquire with us by calling us at: 91 7780273388 or +91 7032228391.

Simandhar highly recommends passing at least one exam in India before commencing your Masters in Accounting program in the US. This not only gives you a sense of achievement but also enables you to dedicate more time towards enhancing your career prospects. However, we have seen many students who are qualified working professionals or candidates with good fundamental concepts (after learning CA inter or CA final) breeze through and prepare for and clear the US CPA exams while pursuing their Masters. This will save time and enhance career opportunities and placements.

Simandhar Education has a global alumni network that extends beyond the United States and Canada, with graduates placed in various countries worldwide. With a proven track record of success, Simandhar is committed to providing thousands of students with opportunities, from networking to placements. We motivate everyone to pursue their academic and career aspirations in the United States and around the world. To begin with, we have started with the United States for many reasons already mentioned.

It is for anyone who wants to study in the US. For US CMA students and EA students, they may have an added advantage since they are pursuing US professional courses; however, anyone who is qualified and eligible to pursue their MS in the USA and are welcome to apply to any of our partnered universities. Please check your eligibility with MS STEM team before applying and attend the informational webinars that are conducted by direct university panelists.

Although it can be a bit daunting to shortlist from 4500 accredited institutions in the United States, Simandhar has your back covered. We have done our due diligence and researched the right universities that are offering STEM-designated programs with the latest emerging technology and analytics involved in the curriculum. So now, candidates who want to pursue it get the best-fit institutes based on four major factors: cost, location, accreditation, and placements. This is why Simandhar is making a difference by partnering with the right universities and, ultimately, by enhancing and transforming their careers.

Usually the range is from USD 40,000 to USD 70,000/-. The cost of the Masters program can vary depending on various factors such as ranking of the university, location, etc., but we do not go by ranking but rather see what is best fit for the candidate considering all the major factors. Finally, we ensure that candidates find the best-fit institute and are happy with their selection.

Why fear when Simandhar is here!

For B.Com students, it opens a new path to pursue their Masters. 15 years of education may be accepted, but again, it depends on the university selection. CPA alone is not the only reason for getting a job in the USA. The STEM program also aids in landing jobs, and you also get the all-important VISA extension for up to 3 years. You can also opt for the important practical training and work experience that you get. (during your OPT period). Furthermore, you also have a higher Master's degree from an accredited university in the USA. This degree itself can make an impact in getting a job and the work permit; however, CPA does increase the placement chances and will count as evidence of professional accounting success.