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Varshitha Nadipineni

Study strategy to get a good score in the CPA exam: Shared by Varshitha

Take the Mock exams after one round of revision. And review your weak areas. Never leave any part of the syllabus. You never know what will get tested in your exam. Just listening to the lectures doesn't help. Read through the textbook fully and make your notes.

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Shradha Gola

Common Study Tips for all the Sections in the CPA Exam - Shared by Shradha Gola

Keep practicing MCQs after every module and make your own practice tests as you make progress with the chapters. Width of knowledge is more important than the depth, i.e. know a little bit of everything.

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Parin Shah

Study Tips for Working Professionals to get a good score in the CPA exam - Shared by Parin Shah

All my study experience can relate to a working professional who completed studies quite a few years ago and working in corporate 5 days a week, still has a goal to do CPA along with a full-time job.

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Prerna Agarwal

Get to know the CPA exam study strategies from Prerna Agarwal

Keep doing MCQs and practise tests at regular intervals to keep the data fresh. Make notes after every chapter. This helps with retention. Read the explanation after each MCQ and TBS. It helps to know you did it correctly or the technique needs improvement.

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Akshay Jaiswal

Top 5 tips for CPA exam preparation followed by Akshay

Go through the lectures of Becker & Simandhar. Prepare self notes. Give all the three mock tests & walk into the exam like a pro.

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Anoushka Baghla

Preparation strategy for all CPA exam sections. Learn the study tips from Anoushka

I started my preparation in the same sequence as the Becker product. Did the skills practice, MCQs and Simulations for every module. If you have time, I’d say take one module each day so you can grasp the concepts very thoroughly.

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Archana Gujja

US CPA Exam Preparation Strategy | Study Tips: Shared by Archana Gujja

I always used to complete the Becker Lectures, Skills Practice, MCQs followed by Simulations, but two things helped me the most. The first thing is making short notes while listening to lectures. Second is to mark the MCQs which I went wrong.

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Irshad Mohammed

Learn the Preparation Strategy for CPA Exam from Irshad Mohammed

During weekends, we have to make the best use of time and to cover maximum possible and to make sure that we cover the pending simulations of the previous week if any.

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FAR Section

Priyal Ajmera

How to prepare for the CPA-FAR exam? | Get to know the study tips from Priyal Ajmera

Many of the CPA aspirants often think FAR is the Hardest Section of the CPA Exam. Everyone has different strategies in preparing for the FAR section. Sometimes the experience of others helps us to see whether we are doing things in the right direction or not.

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AUD Section

Kandarp Dave

My Strategy for Studying Regulation and Audit: Kandarp Dave

I made a goal of completing Regulation section first as I was having experience of US tax. After clearing the Regulation, I chose Audit as, I had never studied Audit, and I find it quite heavy in understanding concepts.

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Sarika Dubela

How did Sarika prepare for the CPA exam? Get to know the study tips from her

Listen to lectures of Becker and wherever one has doubts refer to Simandhar classes for conceptual clarity. At the same time write down notes for each module and leave two pages blank after each module.

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Learn the study tips for AUD & FAR sections from Laxmikant

AUD is a theoretical subject - It's important to read the modules & watch the videos. Whereas, FAR is a voluminous subject - Here, every module is important, consistent efforts & patience are the keys in this subject.

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BEC Section

Abhi Garg

Know the study strategy of CPA-BEC section - Shared by Abhi Garg

There are six chapters in the CPA-BEC section. Most of the MCQ comes from the first and last chapter. But, simulations come from B2, B3, B4 and B5. Revision is the only possible way to pass this subject.

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Devrup Das

CPA-BEC Study Strategy | Get to Know "How Devrup has got a good score in the BEC Section?"- CPA Exam Tips

To get a good score in the CPA exam, especially in the BEC section, I used to solve 30 to 50 MCQs everyday. I went through the Becker lectures & also reviewed the past modules.

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REG Section

Sohanlal Agarwal

CPA exam study strategy & preparation tips - Shared by Sohanlal

I have taken almost two months of study time to complete the Initial study and revision of the REG section. I Strictly followed the sequence of Learning:- Video Lectures, Skill Practice, MCQ & Simulation.

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Teja Surya

My Preparation Strategy for CPA-Regulation(REG) Section

REG is not an easy section in the CPA exam. Don't get panic - Take some time for understanding the concepts—complete one module at a time. Every concept is equally important.

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Namrata Jain

Namrata Jain cleared CPA-REG with 83, shared study tips for REG section in the CPA exam

I focused more on getting concept clarity. I started my preparation by reading each module thoroughly and simultaneously solving MCQs and SIMs. I’ve noted down the important points in the textbook itself so that the number of times I revise the module.

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