CPA exam study strategy & preparation tips - Shared by Sohanlal

I have taken almost two month of study time to complete the Initial study and revision of REG section

  1. My target was to complete each section within 5 or 6 days so that I can have a revision time of almost 10 days.
  2. I Strictly followed the sequence of Learning:- Video Lectures -- Skill Practice -- MCQ -- Simulation. If I am not able to understand any MCQ's or SIMS, I will study the lectures unless I am cleared of the concepts. After the section is completed then only I move on the next topics.
  3. I have completed the Mock test based on the suggestion provided by Becker. After completing the Mock test, I used to identify the weaker areas and study the material or notes.
  4. After completion of Mock 1 I was doing the revision before proceeding on the next Mock Test.
  5. I have done the Mock test multiple times (3 times each Mock test) to get hands-on time management to complete each Testlets on time.
  6. Please do not be too stressed out before the Exam day. Get relaxed.
Sohanlal Agarwal
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