How did Sarika prepare for the CPA exam? Get to know the study tips from her

Step 1: Time limit maximum of 20 days
  • Listen to lectures of Becker and wherever one has doubts refer to Simandhar classes for conceptual clarity.
  • At the same time write down notes for each module and leave two pages blank after each module (useful at Step 2 and 3), this took time but was very useful for revision.
  • Do skills practice, MCQs and sims and note down wherever you had difficulty to solve or answer.
Step 1: Time limit maximum 20 days 
  • Revision started with a rough reading of all modules of a single chapter at once along with notes prepared then solving MCQs, skills practice and sims once again. In this step, we can make sure we have the right-thinking process for each question, can connect dots between chapters and know where the information is repeated in chapters.
  • All questions which were answered wrong this time had to be noted down in blank pages left out while preparing notes (it's better that one should write wrong options and reason why they are wrong in their own words)
  • Highlight the areas in which you are weak.
Step 3: Last revision and Tests
  • In this stage, one should directly solve Mcqs, Sims where mistakes are reduced to the maximum extent or you already know the obvious answers to such questions.
  • If you have answered anything wrong, then those are important areas to check before the exam day.
  • Rough checking of notes prepared in step 1 and step 2.
  • Start solving unlimited practice tests adjusting the number of questions one wants to solve.
  • Start solving simulated tests at the same pace.
Day before Exam: Read highlighted notes and keep on practicing.

This was the strategy I followed in giving my exam and every time I made notes or referred it almost was like a revision for me.

Hope it is helpful to other CPA aspirants.
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