Study strategy to get a good score in the CPA exam: Shared by Varshitha

I don't have an elaborate strategy which I used, but just adding a few pointers that helped me.
  1. Just listening to the lectures doesn't help. Read through the textbook fully and make your notes.
  2. Do not get carried away while making your notes. You will end up having another copy of the textbook if you do. Just make crisp summaries which you can go through annually. Throw in flow charts or diagrams if that makes you remember better, especially for procedural topics.
  3. Always note down any new points you come across when solving MCQs and SIMS. This nitty-gritty may, at times, help you more than the text in the chapter and skill master videos always help you to cement the topics firmly in a precise manner.
  4. Even if you have done MCQs, revise using the unlimited practice tests. They give you the test feeling as you won't be able to check your answers immediately. Take these tests in the exam pattern; it will help you to sit through a four hr exam as well as revise it module wise.
  5. At the end of the day, try flipping through the pages you read that day and try to remember the points you studied earlier under each topic.
  6. Take the Mock exams after one round of revision. And review your weak areas. Try to sit for these tests during the timings you booked for your actual exam. It helps you to mentally focus during the time as our study timings may be different from test timings.
  7. Have a credibility partner even if it's to push you during your downtime or to help you look at your progress in a different angle.
  8. Never leave any part of the syllabus. You never know what will get tested in your exam.
  1. Basis basis basis ....
    Be it property basis, S corp or C corp basis or Partnership basis -- No matter how you feel about it. Nail it, no matter what. This is the most frequently tested concept and if you can master it, you will not be bothered by any other tricky area.
  2. Business law: If like me, you are bad at remembering theory, try to do it just before you start revising, and retain by doing the MCQ's.
  3. SIMS allow the usage of authoritative literature. While practising, try using the AL to cross-check your answers. It helps us to efficiently use the AL and also enables you to review your answers before you press submit.
Hope these are somehow helpful.


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