US CPA Exam Preparation Strategy | Study Tips: Shared by Archana Gujja

First thing I would like to mention is to develop an interest in the course and have a consistent study schedule and follow it without fail then anyone can complete this course irrespective of your earlier qualifications and past work experience provided they are determined.

Coming to the study schedule, I always used to complete the Becker Lectures, Skills Practice, MCQs followed by Simulations, but two things helped me the most. The first thing is making short notes while listening to lectures. Second is to mark the MCQs which I went wrong or when something new came up which wasn't covered during the lecture or even which I answered correctly but was a blind guess. In this manner, I used to complete all the modules.

Next thing that comes is the first revision; I used to read the Becker textbook along with my notes and then answer all the MCQs and simulations once again for all the modules. Likewise, for the second revision, I only used to do the marked MCQs(which I marked while doing the MCQs for the first time and my first revision) and all Simulations. Followed by two revisions, I used to make use of unlimited practice tests available in Becker software and take tests of each chapter, e.g., one test for F1, one test for F2 and so on.

After two revisions and 3 weeks before the exam, I used to attempt the first Mock exam and review it. Similarly, 2 weeks before the exam, I used to attempt second and third Mock exams and review them as well. Simultaneously, go through AICPA newly released questions and Sample Tests.

A considerable piece of advice I would like to give out of my own experience is it is advisable to keep a target and study. While studying, I used to write down at the end of each day what I studied/practiced on that particular day so that I keep track of my progress. Because at the end of this journey, I am accountable to myself and no one else. I also suggest everyone concentrate on those topics/modules where you have scored less than 60% and revise them more number of times.

Last but not least, make yourself familiar with Authoritative Literature while doing Simulations because there are high chances that there can be simulations in the actual exam, which might be completely new to you. In that kind of situation with the help of authoritative literature, one will be able to get at least half of it correct or maybe most of it correct.

To all those who are studying, Good luck and Godspeed :)

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