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Be a future-ready accounting and finance professional with technology ready. Be a US CPA (Certified Public Accountant) or US CMA (Certified Management Accountant). Unlike various international professional qualifications which "substitute" university education and comprise multiple exams, US CPA/CMA "complement" your university education and can be achieved by clearing 2-4 exam parts in less than 9 months of time. We are covered in various locations like Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Gurgaon, Ahmedabad and Chennai etc through our live and Webinar classes.

So folks, If your CA or CMA pursuing professional and failing exam repeatedly , you don't need to quit both , you can complete the CPA and CMA of US in shorter duration , get a job and restart your CA or CMA qualification without any worries.

Kickstart your career with CPA and CMA USA!!!

Sripal Jain, CA , CPA USA , CGMA

Co-founder & Global Lead Instructor- Simandhar Education (Official Partner of Becker professional education and AICPA)

Boost Your Management Career With The US CMA Certification

CMA acronym stands for ‘Certified Management Accountant’. CMA is one of the highest management accounting credentials in the world administered by the IMA (Institute for Management Accountants). Spanned over just 2 exams, CMA’s curriculum uses some of the most advanced testing techniques to test management accounting aspirants all over the world if they’re worthy of the designation CPA. Lakhs of aspirants take US CMA exams every year to grow themselves into Management Accountants, Finance analysts and may other roles.

US CMA Designation offers great value, it gives you

    • Career Avenues
    • International Recognition
    • Global Qualification
    • In-depth knowledge about Management Accounting, Finance, Business Economics and Management concepts required for a business professional
    • Elite Network of CPAs
    • Elite Network of CMAs

Career Opportunities After CMA

Given the widespread need for management accountants, every other industry requires CMAs, A few of the major industries that absorb CMAs in India as well all over the world are

  • 1

    Consulting Services

  • 2


  • 3

    Financial Planning

  • 4


  • 5


  • 6

    IT &ES

  • 7

    Non-Profit Organizations

  • 8

    Business Valuation And Many more

With diverse industry relations and corporate tie-ups, Simandhar Education provides placement assistance to all its US CMA learners.

US CMA Eligibility

Educational level

    The US CMA Exams are administered by IMA, the world’s largest management accounting body. IMA offers membership to all the aspirants successfully clearing 2 CMA exams.

  • 1. 12th in India (Associate degree outside India) is required to appear for the US CMA exams
  • 2. Graduation is required to be eligible for CMA credential.
  • 3. Aspirants pursuing Graduation are also eligible for US CMA Credential

Simandhar Education provides free eligibility check that you could use to check if you’re eligible to take the prestigious US CPA certification.

CMA Course Duration

Depending on the aspirant’s plan and study schedule US CMA certificate can be completed in a minimum of 6 months to 3 years. As per the guidelines of IMA, an aspirant is required to complete the exams within 3 years from the date of registration.

US CMA Testing Windows

  • IMA conducts US CMA exams in three testing windows every year in India and all over the world. The testing windows are as below .

  • 1- January – February
  • 2- May – June
  • 3- September – October

US CMA vs Indian CMA

Point of Difference US CMA Indian CMA
Regulatory body Institute of Management Accountants Institute of Cost Accountants of India
Course Duration One Year Three Years
Eligibility Class 12 / UG Class 12
Pass Criteria Minimum of 360 marks out of 500 40% for individual papers and 50% aggregate
Course format 2 parts 3 levels (foundation, intermediate and final level)
Articleship Not applicable 6 months
Focuses on Management Accounting Cost Controlling
Recognition Globally recognised Indian certification

CMA India vs CMA US vs CIMA UK

Point of Difference US CMA CMA - India CIMA - UK
ACADEMIC FOCUS Management Accountancy Cost Accountancy Management Accountancy
BOARD Institute for Management Accountants Institute of Cost Accountants of India- ICAI (formerly ICWAI) Chartered Institute of Management Accountants
DURATION 6 months 3 years 2-4 years
PAPERS 2 Papers 20 Papers 16 Papers
Levels of Toughness Single level 3 5
COST TO PURSUE INR 70 thousand INR 1 lakh INR 2.5-3 lakhs

US CMA Course Fee

US CMA Course fee varies with the status of the aspirant, any aspirant not a pursuing student of any course is considered as a professional. Following are the different fees involved in this course.

Student Professional
IMA Membership Fee $188 $245
Entrance Fee $250 $188
Exam Fee $415 $311

CMA Exam Pattern and Passing Score

US CMA examination pattern consists of Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQs) as well as Essay type questions. The Part 1 and Part 2 are four – hour tests containing about 100 MCQs and 2 essay questions. Aspirants will be granted 3 hours to finish the MCQs and 1 hour to complete the Essay type questions.

  • 75% of the Examination consists of MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions)
  • 25% of the examination consists of Essay Questions

US CMA exams are graded for 500 points and an aspirant is required to score a minimum of 360 to qualify the exams. Both parts follow the same pattern

Programme highlights

  • 1

    150 Hours of Live Online Classes covering all topics.

  • 2

    IMA curriculum provided by Becker Professional Education

  • 3

    2000+ question Bank chapter wise to gauge your performance on a weekly basis

  • 4

    Career Services

  • 5

    Access to mock exams

  • 6

    Online exam simulation resembles very closely to the actual exam allowing the candidate to get equipped to the exam format. Mock exams to give hands-on experience with CMA certification.

  • 7

    Access to materials and recordings

  • 8

    Access to Exclusive Videos with over 150 hours of Recordings spanning overall topics.

  • 9

    Dedicated discussion forums

  • 10

    After Course Engagement (ACE)

  • 11

    Topic Wise study material in the form of Presentation and Case Studies. Quiz/Assignment with detailed answers and explanation

Program Curriculum


The US CMA Certificate, your gateway to add the title “US CMA” after your name!

Professionals with over 2 years of experience are eligible for the US CMA certificate and title

However, if an aspirant applies for the US CMA title during his student membership and clears the CMA part exams while in graduation, the aspirant would be granted enough time to gain 2 years of relevant experience and earn the US CMA certificate.

Many of our clients have taken this route to clear the US CMA exams, which also gives them an edge in the job market after their graduation as there would be a very few graduates with professional certification in Management accountancy.

Content Partners



Simandhar Education is the official partner of Becker Education International Ltd, global leader in CPA & CMA exam review. Since its inception, Becker has helped lakhs of CPA & CMA aspirants achieve their goals. Taught by world’s renowned CPA & CMA instructors, Becker’s CMA review is the perfect partner to help aspirants clear their exams.


Simandhar LMS

Simandhar Education’s in house CMA exam review, taught by India’s best CPA & CMA instructors like Sripal Jain (CA, CGMA, US CPA), Surinder Kaur (CPA), Srikanth Tadikonda (CMA, CPA), Dhanashree Kshirsagar (CA, CPA), Heena Vithlani (CA,CPA,IFRS with ACCA), Karan Nathvani (CA,MBA-IIM Indore, CISA, CCSK) Amit Kumar Gupta (ACA,ACS,CMA) Sudha Murthy (CA) and Suraj Lakhotia (CA, CIMA). Simandhar has helped tons of CMA aspirants clear their CMA exams in India.

Why Simandhar LMS + Becker?

Simandhar CMA LMS coupled with Becker CMA review makes sure that you get all the nourishment required to tackle your CMA exams. The combination ensures that you leave no stone unturned. Along with the regular classes, Simandhar extends support to aspirants through revision classes that have been a hit for a long time among the Indian CMA fraternity.

Course Video Presentation

How Simandhar helps you to be US CMA ready

  • 1

    Comprehensive Study Material

    Becker CMA review along with Simandhar CMA gives you everything that is required for a CMA aspirant to clear all the four exams. Mock tests, revision tests, quizzes, counselling sessions, and personal mentoring by licensed CMAs make sure that you do not miss out the details of anything.

  • 2

    End to End Evaluation Assistance

    Applying for CPA is a task in itself. But don’t you worry, we have you covered. Our expert crew will guide you through each step of the process, making your life easier and let you focus on studies and studies alone.

  • 3

    Last Minute Revision

    While Becker and Simandhar both offer the comfort of re-watching all the online classes at your leisure, Simandhar organizes live revision classes to make sure that you have everything served in a nutshell. We do this to make sure that you do not rush in the eleventh hour, which is often the case with CMA aspirants. They’ve been hit among the Indian US CMA fraternity.

  • 4

    AI Mocks

    Becker’s Artificial Intelligence Adapt2U learning system takes you through your strengths and weaknesses and helps in devising the exam strategy in a better way.

  • 5

    Live Interactive Classes

    While Simandhar provides the comfort of attending online classes, live classes give us the opportunity to interact with our clients and solve their problems ourselves. Our interactive classes are equally spaced and span anywhere between 1-3 hours depending on the schedule. We make sure you’re not overburdened with the classes and syllabus.

  • 6

    Customer First Approach

    Customer centricity is Simandhar’s core tenet, everything we do is to delight you and make the CPA journey smoother for you. From scheduling classes as per your request to supporting you through the nuts and bolts of paperwork required for CMA, we take care of it all.

Course Training

  • Comprehensive material
  • Training by CPAs
  • Revision
  • Tests and Quizzes
  • Collaborative study forums
  • Short notes when required
  • Flexible Schedules

Professional Training

    • Placement Assistance with Top Accounting Firms
    • Corporate Grooming Sessions
    • Leadership sessions by CXO’s of various organizations
    • Stock Market Investment Suggestions and Training
    • Personality Development Program

CMA Ready

We support our clients by giving end to end evaluation assistance and placing them in Big 4 and top F&A organizations.

Key Takeaways

Co-Founder and Global Lead Instructor, Simandhar Education ( Knowledge Partnered by Becker Professional Education )

Live Interactive Classes

Simandhar Education provides you with access to Live Interactive classes from anywhere in the world

Recorded Videos

Simandhar Education provides the facility to access recorded videos for students who seek to revisit the material taught.

Placement Assistance Program

Supports its students by placing them in Top F & A companies, Big 4 etc.

Exam Registration Assistance

Simandhar Education provides support to its students in handling the criticalities of Exam Registrations

Comprehensive Study Material

Becker's CMA study material helps the students to prepare well for both parts of the CMA exam. It's a comprehensive study material for free of charge & has an unlimited access period.

Becker Online Test Bank

Simandhar CMA training engages using unlimited Mock Exams, Quiz Assessments, Practice Essay Questions, Multiple Choice Practice Questions, Exam Tips, and Comprehensive Progress Tests with Becker training.

Check out our attendees testimonials from previous editions of the Training

CMA is a professional qualification which opens up many opportunities in the corporate world and easy to acquire provided you have the right resources which is right conceptual base and understanding of concepts.I have personally followed HOCK, Willey material apart from that Simandhar Education helped me a lot. They covered all the concepts with great depth and understanding.
Trupti Agarwal
Your positivity and encouragement brightened my days You inspired me to begin this new chapter in my life Sir I’ll always remember attending your class. You are the best teacher!
Mani Venkatesh
Got to know about Simandhar Education from a friend. Teaching methodology over here is very good. Here we get live classes, rest of the nstitutes only play the vedios, so I chose Simandhar Education. I prepared from Becker, and I decided to choose CMA because of its length of course. Over here, faculty is really good. Sripal Sir, Suraj Sir, Karan Sir they alll are really great. I Would recommend everyone to join Simandhar Education.
Pooja Kamble
This year is so special for me , because I got passed the CMA USA exam , I met Sripal Jain (CA, CPA) and I've got an opportunity to be there at Hewlett Packard Enterprise as an intern in Finance Controllership. Even if I passed the CMA exams and completed the interview process for internship , I believe this accomplishments are all because of the guidance , support and referrals from Simandhar Education and Sripal Jain . It's a great feeling when you realise that , there is someone who is for you in your worst situation. . Not every teachers can be the way you are Sripal Jain.Yesterday it was someone ,today it's me and tomorrow it might be you
G. Gokul
Sri Durga Simandhar CMA USA My journey for CMA started when I was looking for a course which can help me technically and for growth in career. Read more Mani Venkatesh Simandhar CMA USA Your positivity and encouragement brightened my days You inspired me to begin this new chapter in my life Sir I'll always remember attending your class.
Sri Durga

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Simandhar Education is commencing new CMA USA Batch on March 2021. The session will be facilitated by our Faculty. Enroll now and unlock your career opportunities!
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Yes, any student can do US CMA after clearing their 12th class exams, and while doing graduation as well. It is just a 6 to 8 months professional certification which is also globally recognized.

Once the student clears the CMA exams, they get an email confirming they have cleared both the papers, this email can be used to get a job. Once they get 2 years of experience, they can show that to IMA, and apply for the certificate.

ICWAI takes 3 years to be completed and the student has to write about 20 test papers. The US CMA has just 2 exam papers and can be completed within 1 year. Since US companies are everywhere, the scope of jobs is evergreen in this sphere.

Regular students going to college can apply for scholarships to IMA, requesting them to waive the paper fees for both the CMA exams. This request needs to go via the college through email to IMA. If the student gets a scholarship, he will pay only the IMA entrance fee and membership fee, the papers fees will be waived.

CMA (Certified Management Accountant) certification has been the global benchmark for management accountants and financial professionals. The CMA is an advanced professional certification specifically designed to measure the critical accounting and financial management skills. This is especially relevant for success in a business environment.

The Institute of Cost and Works Accountants of India (ICWAI) has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA), USA to enable mutual recognition and cooperation between the two institutes to develop the profession of Management Accountancy for the benefit of their members and students in the pursuit of excellence in education and training and continuing professional development in Management Accountancy. b. The MoU will enable recognition of the professional qualification of the respective Institutes. A member of ICWAI can get enrolled as a member of IMA USA and vice versa.

There are some general requirements that one needs to follow in order to be eligible for the CMA certification. 

  • Candidate needs to have a bachelor's degree from any accredited college/university or a related professional certification
  • Candidate needs to have an active membership in IMA (Institute of Management Accountants)
  • Candidate has continuous years of professional experience in management accounting or financial management, which can be completed after passing the exam, but are required as a final step to certification
  • One more important requirement is the candidate needs to pass both Part 1 & Part 2 of the CMA exam.

The CMA exam is available during the following schedule:

  • January and February
  • May and June
  • September and October

To have your choice of date, time and location it is best that you schedule your appointment at least four weeks in advance. Once you are registered, you must take the exam part during your assigned testing session and in case for whatever reason you are unable to give your exam within that particular period, you will have to pay another registration fees as appointments cannot be rescheduled.

With three testing windows every year you can sit for the exam at any time or place that is feasible for you. The CMA exam is basically a computer-based exam and is administered at hundreds of Prometric testing centres all over the world.

  • Testing windows are offered in January/February, May/June, and September/October. You have to pick your window.
  • You then have to register for the exam on the IMA website
  • You will receive your Authorization number along with further instructions.
  • Schedule your exam appointment with Prometric

No, you can actually take these parts in any order. Most of the candidates choose to take the exam parts on separate days although you can even take both the parts together on the same day.

The minimum passing score for the CMA (Certified Management Accountant) Examination is 360 for both parts of the exam. The exam score range is 0-500. 

The fees for the CMA certification includes credential review for educational and experience qualification, 6 months access to the CMA Exam Support package, final score report, & performance feedback reports for those who do not pass.

For Professional Members:

  • CMA Entrance Fee (non-refundable) - $250
  • Exam Fee - $415 per part.

For Student/Academic Members:

  • CMA Entrance Fee (non-refundable) - $188
  • Exam Fee - $311 per part.

No, it is not mandatory for you to hold an accounting background to pass the CMA exams, but yes it can be challenging while getting yourself acquainted with the finance and accounting terminologies if you do not have an accounting background. Depends on you. 

Yes, students can write US CMA exams in India and abroad as well.

Many US-based companies are hiring for US CMA roles too. The course deals with all aspects of financial strategy, budgeting, cost management, etc. The only thing missing would be taxation, so anyone who is not much into core accounting or tax can opt for US CMA.

Once the student clears the first paper, he gets 3 years to complete the last paper.

  • International Credibility
  • Strong Knowledge Base - Management Accounting and Financial Management
  • Significant career progression opportunity

a. Academics – 2 Exam Papers & one Level only.
b. Duration – Shorter duration course, Indian certifications where pass percentage is less than 10%, in the case of US CMA pass percentage is about 50 % globally & will be 70% with the support by Simandhar Education.

Institute of Management Accountants is one of the largest and most respected associations focused exclusively on advancing the management accounting profession. IMA offers its members exclusive access to the CMA program. We are committed to helping you to expand your professional skills, better manage your organization, and enhance your career.

a. There are two parts to the exam. Each part is 3 hours long for 100 multiple choice questions, representing 75% of the exam score. The second section is essay writing representing the remaining 25%. You will be given 30 minutes for each of the two essays. The total testing duration is 4 hours.
b. You must pass at least 50% of the first (i.e. multiple choice) section in order to advance to the essay questions. You can use any time remaining from the multiple-choice questions towards the essay portion.
c. The exam is held with three examination windows in a year namely Jan & Feb/May & June/ Sept & Oct.
d. What are the total marks & the minimum marks to pass? - The total marks per paper is 500, and minimum passing is 362 marks and minimum 75%.

Each CMA exam part consists of 100 multiple choice questions and has two 30-minute essay questions. You will first have 3 hours to complete the multiple-choice section and one hour to complete the essays. The essays will be shown to you after you have completed the multiple-choice section of the exam or after 3 hours, whichever comes first. 

Once you complete and exit the multiple-choice section of the exam, you cannot go back. The essay section consists of 8-10 written response or calculation questions based on two scenarios, describing a typical business situation.  You must answer at least 50% of the multiple-choice questions correctly to be eligible to take the essay section.

You can actually sit for as many testing windows do you need in your three-year period but an exam part can be taken only once in a window. All retakes require a new exam registration (not CMA entrance), along with payment of appropriate fees: $415 for professionals, $311 for Students/Academic members

Exams are administered through the worldwide network of Prometric Testing Centers and are available in accordance with local customs. There are many locations in India and throughout the U.S. and internationally. To locate a Testing Center and schedule exam appointments, visit

Part 1 of the US CMA certification mainly covers Financial Planning, Performance, and Analytics.

The topics covered in CMA Part 1 are given below:

  • External Financial Reporting Decisions 15%
  • Planning, Budgeting, and Forecasting 20%
  • Performance Management 20%
  • Cost Management 15%
  • Internal Controls 15%
  • Technology and Analytics 15% 

Part 2 of the US CMA certification mainly covers Strategic Financial Management.

The following six topics covered in CMA Part 2:

  • Financial Statement Analysis – 20%
  • Corporate Finance – 20%
  • Decision Analysis – 25%
  • Risk Management – 10%
  • Investment Decision – 10%
  • Professional Ethics – 15%

  • Business Approval: US CMA certification is considered as one of the best accounting certifications. In US CMA, you can learn all about business aspects, accounting concepts and corporate governance.
  • Career Opportunities: US CMA brings multiple career opportunities. You would be managing the accounts being a US CMA, so you can achieve a higher position in the management as well.
  • Global Opportunities:  US CMA certification gives you a better understanding of finance, business and accounts. US CMA holders get job opportunities all over the world. They are recognized at a global level. 
  • Financial Growth:US CMA certification holders earn 67% more than candidates having just a bachelor’s degree. Having a US CMA certification makes you eligible for good pay. The average annual salary of a US CMA in India would be around $10,687 in US, and 8 lakhs INR in India according to PayScale.

Simandhar Education has Live Interactive classes which one can access from anywhere in the world and Simandhar also provides the facility to access recorded videos for students who seek to revisit the material taught. 

  • Simandhar Education provides you with access to Live Interactive classes from anywhere in the world.
  • Provides the facility to access recorded videos for students who seek to revisit the material taught.
  • Supports its students by placing them in Top F & A companies, Big 4 etc.
  • Personal grooming sessions for interviews.
  • Attention on individual candidates.
  • It provides placement opportunities.

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