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    The CPA Exams are administered by the AICPA, the world’s largest accounting body. The AICPA offers membership to all the aspirants who successfully clear all 4 CPA exams. A CPA license, however, is issued by the 55 state boards of accountancy in the US that are part of NASBA. Each state board has different eligibility criteria that need to be met by the aspirant in order to take the US CPA exams.

    General Rule of Thumb :

    • Master’s Degree in any of the streams of Commerce, Accounting or Finance
    • An aspirant needs 120 credits to take the US CPA exams and 150 credits to get his CPA license.
    • It’s considered that one year of University education in India is equal to 30 credits of US education.

    Simandhar Education provides a free eligibility check that you could use to check if you’re eligible to take the prestigious US CPA certification.

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      Simandhar vs Other Institutes

      Particulars Simandhar CPA Training Others
      CPA TrainingLive online training by Sripal Jain and other subject matter experts of Simandhar apart from Becker facultiesNo Live training, only Recorded and outdated videos
      ContentOnly Institute in India to provide Becker product and Live classes, Almost 90% students prepare through Becker product Local content and outdated
      Number of hours More number of Hours on Live classes and very suitable training for Non accounting students too as its more concept orientedVery less hours of Teaching and no conceptual clarity
      Clarity on Evaluation and state board selection100% Support on evaluation, licensing , board selectionNo Idea on CPA eligibility or licensing
      MentoringOne to One mentoring and success plan by India's number one CPA Instructor- Sripal Jain No direct access to faculties
      PlacementPlacement support through kikifin ( Simandhar Placement arm ) and sometimes even to Non students tooNo Support
      Corporate tie-ups Strong Corporate tie ups with big 4s, also enjoy exclusive training partner in Few Big 4sNo Corporate session nor tie ups
      Toastmasters Club To groom the students and make them much more confident. To also build their skills.No clubs
      Personality development groupDevelopments groups to help and guide all the students regularly be it personal or professionalNo such groups for guidance
      Stock Market Group We have students be a part of the stock market group to create financial literacy amongst them.No such knowledge improving groups

      US CPA vs ACCA vs US CMA

      Levels of toughness121
      No. of exams4142
      Paper PatternObjectiveObjective + Descriptive Objective
      SyllabusAuditing, Public Accounting, Taxation, Financial Reporting Auditing, Accounting, Taxation Management Accounting, Financial Management
      RecognitionGlobal Recognition Global Recognition, focused in UK and EUGlobal Recognition
      Exemptions for graduatesNo exemptions (Level playing field)YesNo exemptions
      Work experience required for license Varies3 Years 2 Years
      Hiring organizations location India & GlobalEU, UK, Middle East India & Global
      License validity Global (Can practice in India too)Few Countries (Cannot be practiced In India) Global (Can practice in India too)

        US CPA for CAs
        (Chartered Accountants) in India
        US CPA for CSs
        (Company Secretaries) in India
        US CPA for CMAs
        (Certified Management Accountant) in India

        A few state boards of US have an MoU with the ICAI which allows the chartered accountants to take the US CPA exam without pursuing any additional degree in accounting, commerce or other streams, which are usually required for non-CA’s. India CA and US CPA are similar in a few ways,as they both deal with professional accountancy. However, there are a few distinct differences between the two.

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        Point of Difference Indian CA US CPA
        Eligibility ICAI decides55 State Boards
        Exams AdministerICAIAICPA
        Licensed byICAI55 State Boards
        Duration4-5 Years18 Months Max.
        Toughness3Single level
        No. of Exams204
        Exam PatternDescriptiveObjective
        Passing perc.10-15%50-60%
        RecognitionWell RecognizedWell Recognized

        Like the CA’s, a few state boards of US have an MoU with the ICSI which allows the company secretaries (CS) to take the US CPA exam. However, it varies with the state board of accountancy.

        Company secretaries must obtain a CPA in order to chair a few high-profile roles for the organisations in which they work.

        Their Profession's Demand -

        Curriculum similarities between CS and CPA -

        Because a portion of the CPA curriculum is similar to the CS curriculum, CSs can pursue additional professional qualifications more easily.

        Additional Professional Credentials -

        Besides CS, they pursue CPA, a global credential, to make their mark in the international arena, as it opens new career avenues.

        Being a member of ICSI earns a few perks while pursuing a CPA. CSs earn 60 semester credits to pursue CPA certification in India, depending on the state board of accountancy.

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        CMA is a popular professional credential in India. Thousands of CMA's pursue CPA for various reasons.

        Career shift from Cost Accounting to Other accounting:While CPAs focus on all parts of accounting, CMAs focus on cost accounting. CMAs in India pursue CPA to broaden their spectrum of knowledge and explore new career opportunities in India as well as worldwide.

        Additional Professional Credentials:Besides CS, they pursue CPA, a global credential, to make their mark in the international arena, opening new career avenues. Being a member of ICSI earns a few perks while pursuing a CPA. Depending on the state board of accountancy, CSs earn 60 semester credits to pursue a CPA in India.

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        Prepare with India's Trusted Institute


        Simandhar Education is the official partner of Becker Education International Ltd, a global leader in CPA & CMA exam review. Since its inception, Becker has helped lakhs of CPA & CMA aspirants achieve their goals.

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         Simandhar education changing lives for better

        Simandhar Education is the official partner of Becker Education International Ltd, a global leader in CPA & CMA exam review. Since its inception, Becker has helped lakhs of CPA & CMA aspirants achieve their goals.

        • We are the Channel Partner of AICPA
        • Official partners of Becker Professional Education
        • Approved partner of the Fast Forward Academy for Enrolled Agent in India
        • Silver Partner of ACCA
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        Simandhar Education has various corporate tie-ups and elite industry relations that we leverage to place our clients in the top accounting firms round the year.

        About Ernst & Young:

        Ernst & Young is a multinational professional services partnership headquartered in London, England. EY is one of the largest professional services networks in the world. It is one of the Big 4 accounting firms. It primarily provides assurance, which includes financial audit, tax, consulting, and advisory services to its clients.

        Simandhar’s collaboration with Ernst & Young:

        Simandhar Education's vision of enabling people all over the world to advance their careers through a CPA course and CMA course by offering jobs at EY is widely admired.

        EY Leadership appreciation was received by Simandhar for placing two Elijah Watt Sells Award winners at its organization. It is assured that Simandhar is working in the right direction when the appreciation comes from EY Leadership itself. The partnership with EY-GDS Tax and EY Assurance has proved to be fruitful because, through this relationship, the lives of so many talented individuals have been transformed.

        Dhruv Patel (CPA alumnus) won the Elijah Watt Sells Award for scoring great numbers in the CPA exam. 98 in BEC, 97 in REG, 98 in FAR, and 91 in AUD. He was placed in EY within 4 days of completing his CPA course. On the other hand, Kavneet Hanspal (CPA alumnus), who also won the Elijah Watt Sells award by scoring 99 in BEC, 97 in REG, 96 in FAR, and 93 in AUD, was placed at EY within a week of completing his CPA course. Both Dhruv and Kavneet were placed with a salary package of more than 9 LPA.

        Moreover, 49 CMA and CPA students who were sent to EY for internships have been offered full-time roles.

        Simandhar Education has been helping EY build a strong future with a huge talent pool. This partnership will result in the shaping of the careers of many individuals.

        Becker Awarded - Best CPA Channel Partner in 2022

        Becker's vision is to empower people around the world to advance their careers through a lifelong partnership of superior professional education. On the other hand, the purpose of Simandhar Education is to transform the way education is being perceived. It believes that not just a professional degree or diploma, but the overall grooming of students also plays a vital role in making them successful in the corporate world. Thus, the Simandhar-Becker partnership has proved to be of great advantage to the CPA aspirants. Becker’s rich history and track record of growth spanning more than 60 years is adding value to Simandhar’s mission of changing lives for better.

        Simandhar takes pride on being awarded as the BEST CPA CHANNEL PARTNER 2022 India.

        With the growing number of institutes providing CPA, CMA training in India, it's really a stark reminder of the fact that hard work, focus, dedication and the desire to provide nothing but the best to our CPA aspirants has resulted in this recognition being bestowed on us by Becker.

        Think CPA, Think Simandhar

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          Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ's)

          CPA (Certified Public Accountant) is a designation given by AICPA to the individuals who have passed the Uniform CPA exam, met the required and relevant experience. The CPA designation enforces high professional standards in the field of accounting.

          Candidates with 120 credits and required accounting and business subject credits are eligible for CPA exam. Contact us to learn more on the eligibility. We provide free eligibility check for all CPA aspirants.

          All Bachelor degree students including Non commerce students are eligible for CPA exam with our Bridge course. Contact us for more details.

          To be eligible for CPA exam 120 credits are required and for license the candidate needs 150 credits.

          Generally the exam can be completed within 12-16 months with proper coaching and study plan. Contact us for more details.

          No. Even fresher can take the exam subject to 120 credit rule.

          Our Indian university education gives 30 credits for each year of study and for CPA exam, a candidate requires a minimum of 120 credits and mandatory accounting and business credits. Those candidate who fall short of either 120 credits or accounting /business credits are required to do bridge course to be eligible for CPA exam.

          Yes. With our unique bridge course , Btech and other non commerce graduates are eligible for both CPA exam and licensure. Click

          ere to further details.

          CPA exams are single level 4 subjects exam and each exam is for 4 hrs. . The subjects are Financial Analysis and Reporting (FAR), Auditing and attestation (AUD ) , Regulations (REG) as 3 compulsory core exams and one discipline to choose from the 3 alternative - Business analysis and reporting (BAR) , Tax compliance and planning (TCP) or Information system and control (ISC)

          We have dedicated placement team to take care of the opportunities and also we have many tie-up with Big 4s and US MNCs.How to get CPA license after clearing the exam ?

          INDIA has 8 permanent prometric centers. The candidate is free to take exam from any of the 8 centers.

          • Ahmedabad
          • Bangalore
          • Calcutta
          • Chennai
          • Hyderabad
          • Mumbai
          • New Delhi
          • Trivandrum

          We at Simandhar use BECKER review provider which is considered as GOLD Standard and trusted CPA study material across the World. Combined with our State of ART LMS and expert coaching, each and every candidate can pass CPA exam without difficulty.

          The 3 E's to get CPA license.

          • Education - 150 credits in accounting or related field from an accredited institution (either from India or overseas)
          • Examination - Passing the Uniform CPA exam.
          • Experience - A minimum of 2000 hrs work experience.

          We provide basic accounting coaching also in addition to extensive CPA coaching so US accounting or tax rule knowledge is not a compulsory requirement.

          The course is not at all difficult. With proper planning , dedication and attending lectures (either live or recorded ) , you can pass the exam without much difficulty

          We have wide range of students from who have just graduate, highly busy working professionals, busy mothers who have come back after a long break of even 10 yrs. or more, new mothers , senior professionals, etc. completed the course with our coaching, study plan and expert mentorship. Click here to learn more.

          As CPA is a single level course, no exemption is given. A student need to pass all 4 papers.

          CPA application registration and CPA exam charges are around INR 275,145( USD 3,315). These charges are excluding Simandhar coaching and Becker material charges.

          One of the highlight of the bridge course is that the content are similar to CPA exam syllabus. So no extra time is required for bridge course preparation.

          Yes Simandhar provide Demo classes and Becker offer 14 days trial access. Please Click here to know more.